Leicester City Were Nothing Before Ranieri

Sports is filled with teams who have sometimes fired their coaches or managers inexplicably or without warning. 

But this one is among the worst I've seen yet.

Before Claudio Ranieri came, Leicester City were a perennial fringe soccer club. They were nothing really.

He then orchestrated one of the greatest events in pro sports history by taking an insignificant speck of a club all the way to a Premier League championship. An all-time victory for the ages that should have provided Ranieri with some, you figure, job security.


In danger of relegation, the geniuses who run Leicester City decided it was time for a change. A coach that made them who they are and it was time to sack the guy?

What kind of bush league, unprofessional disgrace is this? Have some class and gratitude for fuck sakes!

After all that Claudio Ranieri has done for Leicester City, to sack him now is inexplicable, unforgivable and gut-wrenchingly sad.


Video Clips: On Media And Hillary The Monster

A good video explaining succinctly how bad (and willingly naive) the media is.

I'm not sure of what to make of this story.

Nancy Salem was fired from her job for tweeting this:

Oh dear. This poses a bit of a problem for progressives - not the kill the Jews part - seeing she's Muslim, right? Notice they haven't said a single damn word about this.

Moving on. I don't know what context this was done but I have to admit a Palestinian saying 'kill some Jews' is not good optics and people can be forgiven for taking it at face value.

On its surface, it's an abhorrent and depraved thing to write.

Which brings up the whole putting oneself out there for all to see and read and its potential pitfalls; some with irreversible consequences.

She wrote this three years ago. As you know, I'm no fan of digging junk up on people and then pinning them unfairly with it demanding stupid apologies in the process. Often, the judgement in public opinion is actually worse than what was originally said in my view. It's witch hunting by other means is it what it is.

She was fired and ostracized (rightfully so) and we should just move on.

Notice how I didn't call for tighter hate speech laws that silences people's opinions. She's entitled to it. I have no interest in putting her through the court system and possibly in jail for a stupid, thoughtless, ignorant, tweet lacking in humanity.

But censorship is worse.

Laugh, but these guys make more sense than any of the crap I've been seeing talking about Trump.

And it's nice they're calling Hillary out for the monster she is.

To think idiots give her standing ovations at events and theatres.

Bunch of morally and intellectually defunct partisan morons.

The Patriots Would Dominate No Matter Where You Stick Them

Heard Dan Graca on Mad Dog sports the other day argue that the New England Patriots benefitted from being in a weak AFC east and wondered if they would be as dominant in another division.

It was a weird statement for a couple of reasons. Let's assume the league decided the Patriots were too dominant and gained an advantage for being in the AFC east. Where are you gonna put them? The AFC west? Can't do that since Boston is an eastern city. AFC south? Again geography prevents this. AFC north? Maybe, but it's really more of a Mid-West division. 

Given these obstacles, it's not a realistic scenario.

Then comes the debate as to whether the other divisions are that much better in the first place. Sure there were teams like the Broncos, Steelers, Ravens and Colts in the conference but would they have impacted the Patriots run? 

Let's start in the AFC north with the Steelers and Ravens. In the Belichick era: The Patriots are 6-3 against the Steelers in regular season play and 4-0 in the playoffs. They're 5-1 against the Ravens but are 2-2 in the post-season facing them. Nonetheless, it's a dominant edge for New England.

Moving onto to the AFC south. The key team there are the Colts (who played in the AFC east for two seasons). Regardless, different team and division same result. New England is 12-5 against the Colts in the regular seasons and 5-1 in the playoffs. Again. Dominant.

The only team to give them a run are the Broncos out in the AFC west. The Pats are 7-5 against them in the regular season but 1-3 in the playoffs.

All-combined the Pats are 23-10 against those teams in the regular season and 12-6 in the playoffs. 35-16 overall.

Not enough to weaken Graca's argument you say?

Check this out. Since 2000 the Patriots are:

77-29 against all AFC east divisional teams - .726%
70-26 against the AFC - .729%
53-17 against the NFC - .757%

That's a .737% winning percentage for those of you scoring at home.

That's a lot of cheating, eh?

Anyway. They won 74% of their games in the Brady/Belichick era. In addition, they've compiled a 25-9 record in the playoffs (.735%). In other words, they maintain their excellence in the playoffs.

The New England Patriots would likely be just as successful no matter what division they played in. The only division that *could* conceivably halted the is the NFC east. It's historically a ferociously competitive division with strong teams at different intervals. Alas, they're not an NFC team. 

They're AFC.

And they're dominant.

SPVM: Clean Up Your Mess NOW

I'm infuriated and disgusted with the SPVM.

Here they are fighting over their pensions refusing to kick in their part while wearing camouflage pants as part as their disapproval in the dispute, yet they have the gall to pull this shit?

How am I, as an Italo-Montrealer supposed to accept this kind of behaviour? Here are two officers who risked their lives to help take down the Mafia and this is how they're treated?

We always knew racism thrives in Montreal and Quebec - we call it Quebec Inc. not unlike the good old boy networks you see in the Deep American south or corrupted police forces like those in New York and Chicago - but it's always good to see it flushed out.

Quebec gets to always fly under the radar because no one pays much attention to it but boy do they do corruption good here.

Only problem is they asked the Surete du Quebec - an even more racist outfit - to investigate to see if there is any truth to the allegations made.

Excuse me if I'm not going to hold my breath.


As if we don't have enough prove as to why Toronto has surpassed Montreal on so many fronts, the fact Toronto has had Italian police chiefs running their operations and Quebec none says a lot about this place. Personally, I've lost patience with Quebec to have it catch up to the rest of the continent and have decided to make proper arrangements to eventually leave.

As for Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre he recently declared - through a unanimous vote - Montreal a sanctuary city joining the ranks of uber-liberal cities like San Francisco and New York.

Perfect. In a province that doesn't embrace multiculturalism - and still struggles with the English language bogeyman - couple with poor public finances and held by calcified corruption embedded into the system, I don't see how this will work out well for us.

And if I see violence increase, while the cops do nothing like we see in fricken Europe to the point they lie about statistics, I will without hesitation pit the blame on Denis Coderre and his administration.

They will not escape criticism and hopefully face accountability for their actions should things go wrong.


The Charter Is Inferior To The Constitution

Canadians "think" the Charter - that useless piece of wasted, uninspiring rubbish - protects their freedoms.

It doesn't.

If Canadians truly value their liberties - and to be honest, I'm not sure they do - they'd request a rewrite; one in which is plain and explicit (as well as eloquent) in ensuring freedoms flow from the individual and not from the government.

In other words, we need our version of the First Amendment.

Like usual, the Americans one up us on such matters.

And it's the SECOND AMENDMENT not the Fifth Amendment you ignoramus.

Troubling video on so many levels.

Exactly. If America falls. Game over.


Disturbing Revelations On Khalid And Motion 103

I'm not liking any of this.

And if the Liberals have any sense (I'm not holding my breath) they'd kill Motion 103.


Do not allow ourselves to be on the path to loss of liberty like we see in Europe.

Let me put it to you this way my fellow Canadians.

After reading the link, do you want to give up your right to free speech and opinions for her and the organizations she was tied to?

I know where I stand.

Do you?

Obama Alinsky On The Prowl

About Obama's alleged "class'.

Best way to show it is this way.

George W. Bush on Obama:

"I'm not going to spend my time criticizing him. There are plenty of critics in the arena," Bush said. "He deserves my silence."

Obama appears to be behind the anti-Trump protests. He praised recent demonstrations against Trump’s travel ban. And last year, after Trump’s upset victory, he personally rallied OFA troops to “protect” his legacy in a conference call. “Now is the time for some organizing,” he said. “So don’t mope” over the election results.
He promised OFA activists he would soon join them in the fray.
“Understand that I’m going to be constrained in what I do with all of you until I am again a private citizen, but that’s not so far off,” he said. “You’re going to see me early next year, and we’re going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff.”
Added the ex-president: “I promise you that next year Michelle and I are going to be right there with you, and the clouds are going to start parting, and we’re going to be busy. I’ve got all kinds of thoughts and ideas about it, but this isn’t the best time to share them."
“Point is, I’m still fired up and ready to go, and I hope that all of you are, as well.”
Quite the cocky, arrogant, commie dickhead, eh?
In other words, he lacks the grace and class of his predecessor.

Worse than that, he's agitating for civil unrest. Looks like Americans are going to rue the day they elected this person twice. He should have been given one mandate and relegated to the dustbin of history. Instead, two terms has inflated his ego and bolstered his sense of self-importance.

There indeed should be a revolution. 



Over-Whelmed By Reactionaries

While I'm not posting frequently, I am collecting stories. It's just that they come in fast and furiously and can't keep up. I like to at least research and ponder before I post my comments but I have to say, it's more than disturbing what I'm seeing and reading.

This thing of the intelligence community leaking actual classified information in what seems be nothing more than to hurt Trump is nuts. This is not a game anymore. They're actually taken to putting partisan politics above the security of the nation.

Never mind all the other crap. Worst among them being the left erecting excuses justifying punching people. Tell you what, they may just get what they wish for. Except, it won't end well for them.

Also. I was very disappointed to hear founder of Under Armour Kevin Plank take a full page ad apologizing for recent comments he made.

His 'mistake'?

For saying it's good to have a pro-business leader as President.

But sounds as if celebrities he sponsors rebelled and he had to retract rather than stick to his principles.

This is the zeitgeist.

And it's not good.

Not good at all.

Now I'm starting to get the gist of what Edmund Burke was saying the French Revolution was an abhorrent event. He probably saw right through the bull shit.

He wasn't entirely wrong. Soon after the Jacobins and reactionary forces took over.

I see a similar scenario unfolding as reactionaries are driving a narrative for its own sake free of any intellectual or moral principles.

The best we can do is just hold the line and hope the casualties are limited.


On The Patriots And The White House

It's worth noting...that when Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas chose to not visit The White House after the Bruins won The Stanley Cup citing he disagree with Obama's policies, he was ripped to shreds in the media. We were told it wasn't about the President but respecting the Office.

Now, six New England Patriots have decided they won't go because of Trump's policies. Suddenly, the narrative switches to 'freedom of choice' and 'questioning authority' and all that.

Sorta like how the anti-war left have arisen once more! Even though Trump has not specifically made any proclamation of war; unlike his predecessor who was at war every single day of his Presidency.

Principals over principles.

Therein lies what grates me most. Once you remove partisanship from the equation, how is what these players are doing any different from what Thomas did? Are we to believe somehow one was disrespectful or borne out of ignorance (I seem to recall Thomas's statement as being rather eloquent) and the other rooted in principles and knowledge?

For it be, I call bull shit and further call out the hypocrisy of people.

Principles my ass.

In any event, plenty of athletes skip The White House visits for a myriad of reasons. Tom Brady didn't go the last time the Patriots won a couple of years back.

But the difference here is these athletes politicized it and now they're fair game for criticism. For example, one of the players asserted Trump is a racist. Aside from the possibility of this being libel, I fail to see how this is a legitimate reason given race relations eroded under Obama who didn't exactly make great efforts to quell the rising divisiveness. On the contrary, his rhetoric often incited it. Here are 14 ways he did so.

Sure. Don't go. It's your right. It shouldn't be an issue. But imagine the uproar if six athletes did so under Obama.

Now you get my point.


Kill Motion 103 - NOW

I was wondering how long before the clowns in the Liberal party would come up with a law designed to curb free speech on the backs of the Quebec City massacre of six Muslims.

Simple question: Are YOU prepared to give up on freedom for ONE incident?

Does this strike you as 'balanced' or measured?

Not to me it does and the CBC used the appropriate word: Chilling.

This is how you end up on the slippery slope to thought control.

American leftists are already on that track as they've taken to positions that basically stipulate: You're racist even if you don't know it.

We need to put an end to this shit.

And fast.

No to Motion 103.

Here's how Trudeau put it:

"In a seven-minute response, Trudeau said fundamental rights and freedoms are enshrined in Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but that individual rights must be balanced with others in our society. Determining the parameters is an ongoing discussion in a dynamic, successful society like ours, he said.
Trudeau said the motion aims to address the fact there is a community that is "particularly vulnerable these days to intolerance and discrimination."
"You're not allowed to call 'Fire!' in a crowded movie theatre and call that free speech," Trudeau said.
"That endangers our community. And as we saw 10 days ago in Quebec City, there are other things that can endanger our communities. And we need to stand strongly and firmly against that."
Not a day goes by where he greatly disappoints. 
This is nonsense.
First, you got that? YOUR FREEDOM hinges on how someone may perceive your speech. Think about how profoundly problematic this position is.
The argument Muslims are 'vulnerable' is tenuous at best. Their experience is nothing compared to black Americans, the Irish, Jews (especially Jews) and Italians faced. I reject outright that my right to criticize Islam or Muslims be subjected to such grotesque laws and logical fallacies.

Notice how they're deliberately conflating legitimate criticism of political Islam and terrorism with Muslim people in general. It's an outright lie Miss. Khalid is cynically preying on. It's akin to American progressives purposefully not distinguishing in the immigration debate the key part about being worried about illegal aliens does not mean being anti-immigrant.

But this is what progressives do. Conflate and run amok with faulty premises. 

Does Trudeau want the same kind of authoritarian abomination we see in Europe where, for example, comedians are taken to court for making fun of Muslims? Is this his 'vision' or definition of Canadian 'values'? Is this 'justice' in his mind? It sure isn't mine. 

Worse than that, with this terrible proposal comes the reality of dragging people through the system potentially ruining their lives in a classic 'the process is the punishment' debacle.

For having an opinion.     
Last, I'm not surprised a shallow mind like Trudeau wasn't aware that the 'fire in a crowded movie' line - for some reason the go to default position for leftists looking to curb speech - isn't even illegal. 
It never was binding and it was overturned 40 years ago because it was so onerous.
You can shout it and you ain't going to jail for it. 
Except from The Atlantic:
"Today, despite the "crowded theater" quote's legal irrelevance, advocates of censorship have not stopped trotting it out as thefinal word on the lawful limits of the First Amendment. As Rottman wrote, for this reason, it's "worse than useless in defining the boundaries of constitutional speech. When used metaphorically, it can be deployed against any unpopular speech." Worse, its advocates are tacitly endorsing one of the broadest censorship decisions ever brought down by the Court. It is quite simply, as Ken White calls it, "the most famous and pervasive lazy cheat in American dialogue about free speech."
So this is the phrase liberals use to push their anti-free speech agenda. Why am I not surprised?
Kill Motion 103.

Phrases And Terms I hate: Not Qualified

Progressives love their empty jargons. It's all they've got.

They've over used words like Hitler, Fascist, Nazi, misogynist and racist so often and without much thought it has rendered those terms toothless. Gee, I wonder why. Why debate when you can just shout down the person you hate with any of those *scary* terms.

Now they've added 'fake news' to the roster. Funny how that one suddenly became a *thing* as soon as their side lost the election. I mean, come on! It has to be because of *FAKE NEWS!* No one could be so stupid to vote for Trump!

So it makes perfect sense - in their little minds - 'the deplorables' were mislead. Again, this is just projection on their part. See,  progressives love to be led by experts so when they see people who don't, it has to be because they're 'anti-rational' or whatever else nonsense they've convinced themselves of.

The thing is, it's so obvious to pick out the cynicism in their game it's comical as it is troubling because they've now taken to violence and destruction of property. Once the big scary words lose their panache, what else do you have left but to lash out in such a manner, right?

Now they're on this 'not qualified' crusade.

Anyone and everyone is not 'qualified' to run this or that department.

As if this is something new in world politics.

'Most unqualified government in history!" just means you don't have careerists or cronies running your show. It could actually be a good thing to have outsiders running the government.

In any event, as if there has been enough hypocrisy on display, they don't seem to mind the biggest names pushing something like climate  system change - Al Gore, Bill Nye, David Suzuki, Naomi Klein and others - aren't technically qualified to talk about climate change.

Never mind the same can be said of Paul Krugman and his political musings.

Yes, they're not in government - except for Gore and the fact they can influence policy - so....

Check out Obama's failed nominees.

Disgraceful Socialist Swedish Women

Swedish socialist women spark walk of shame as they don Hijabs in Iran.

So progressive.

I mean nothing scream women's rights by undermining Iranian activist women trying to lift this ban.

This is what happens when you superficially enforce diversity programs everywhere. You end up with idiots and middling minds in positions they have no business being in.

Their Western self-loathing is repugnant.

Be proud Sweden. Be proud.