The Frightening Zealotry Of The Left

Have you seen?

Progressives are once again embracing violence. 

It's in their DNA.

It's who they are deep within their defunct and degenerate world view. A most profound ignorant and misinformed gang of malcontents is hard to find. Decades of horrific public indoctrination praising collectivism has ripped and stripped them of their moral and intellectual agency. It is a myopic outfit ready to accept superstition so long as it confirms their opinion.

See. We live in a time where if insurance premiums go up the blame is not to go to the government. Rather, it's 'greedy' insurance companies (apparently a company is no longer permitted to profits anymore; or at least the amount the left deems 'excessive') who are to blame. Bank regulations that lead to financial breakdowns? Why, it's all the bankers fault. Not the government. No siree. 

Government is good. It's there to preserve the public good.

Didn't you know? 

It doesn't distort reality. Except it does. And when it skews perceptions of reality there's always business to blame.

If you're a Jewish business person all the better.

Progressives, from what I've observed in the last nine years now, don't possess principles. In fact, their entire framework is basically a tribal network of virtue signalling at the behest of principals.

Ever notice how they 'vow to resist' and 'fight for justice' or become anti-war protestors every time the letter changes?

Trump will start a war we're told? What the heck are they smoking? Have they not noticed the USA has been in perpetual war under Obama? 

It's hard to debate one because they'r so committed to their cult, the sophism that follows is filled with minefields of logical fallacies and outright moving of goal posts.

I know you are but what am I?!

I've been touched by this on a personal level. People I considered to be level headed and sensible have not only dismayed me with their reaction to Trump they've flat out dropped their masks and shown an utter contempt and disrespect for others who may disagree.

Suddenly all those years of friendly debate under Obama has graduated to a 'fuck you you asshole piece of shit who condones rape and racism' moon battery. It's disheartening.

Let's be clear.

The only ones to be blamed will be them should violence escalate. Rather than accept the democratic process they've chosen to allow a misplaced sense of faux self-rigtheousness guide their irrational anger.

It is they who are acting like the fascists.

A good bit of projection is in full view for all of us decent minded folks to see.

Pay close attention to what they're saying. What rubbish to claim they do this in the interest of justice!

In normal discourse we allow for someone to commit an uncivil act before we react. Rather, in this instance, because a man they judge to be unfit was elected FREELY and FAIRLY, it galvanizes them into action.

And if this action means violence and belittling their fellow compatriots so be it.

I don't consider myself a violent person or one that hates.

But what I've seen from the left these past few months is disgusting. One in which we must not accept and refute in the halls of debate until we intellectually bash them into the ground condemning them into nothingness where they belong.

If they choose to bring bats to this discussion as is won't be the violent progressive left, so be it.

They're overplaying their hand. They're doubling down on their identity politics rubbish. We just need to hold the line and they will sink and lose for they possess no real positives for humanity. Alas, they're anti-humanist.

They brought us into this Dark Age and we're going to get out of it without them. 

SCTV Alumni Tony Rosato Dead

A couple of weeks ago Tony Rosato died aged 62.

What a heartbreaking story. Thoroughly disgusted with the way the justice system treated him.

What a shame.

SCTV still shines all these years later, unlike that crap the sycophantic and 'edgy' slime SNL pimps out these days. 

A Final Act Of Petulance By Obama

Oh look.

The 3D Chess player Obama sent $221 to the Palestinians.

"...The Obama administration had for some time been pressing for the release of the money for the Palestinian Authority, which comes from the U.S. Agency for International Development and is to be used for humanitarian aid in the West Bank and Gaza, to support political and security reforms as well as help prepare for good governance and the rule of law in a future Palestinian state, according to the notification sent to Congress."

Why, act with honor and dignity!

"...Gaza's Hamas rulers are warning the U.S. not to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, saying such a step could unleash new violence.
In a statement Tuesday, the Islamic militant group said a move would "open a new chapter of conflict" and "add fuel to the fire."
This is Obama's foreign policy legacy in a nut shell.

Let him be relegated to the dustbin of American history. 

Forgotten for a promise never transpired. 

Forget Reforming Public Education

There are simply too many entrenched interests in the public system of any kind to achieve any meaningful reform.

Better to go off the grid and foster change that way. Sure you'll be criticized if not demonized but that's okay. Progressivism is on its way out anyway.

Real solutions. It's time.


On Dishonesty And Inaugural Crowds

On the size of the crowd? Who gives a shit? That's once again a media driven false obsession to distract from the real issues. Trump is only to glad to hit back with his own narrative.

He's trolling the media's own bull shit and they're eating it up.

Really folks, if you're getting worked up over this.

Meanwhile, not a single report on the mobs on K Street beating up peaceful people celebrating the inauguration or other disruptions by anti-Trump 'protestors'.

As far as dishonesty and thinned-skinness goes.

Obama spread falsehoods too (but few, if any, journalists or talking pundits flapping their lips and gums like Chuck Todd et al dared challenge him) and was clearly thin-skinned and petty himself. He just showed it differently.

The more you play this game Sullum the more you breath more life and power into Trump.
We just witnessed eight years of sycophancy and the media suddenly acting tough again and doing their jobs is only pissing people off more.
It's a weird juxtaposition because it's happening in favor of Trump who isn't exactly the sort of fella who should benefit from it. But here we are and he's going to troll you guys and you'll take the bait.
Keep this up and Trump is going to get an even bigger win next time around.
As far as I'm concerned the media, the unhinged and false-protestors and Trump deserve each other.


Trudeau Still Pretending To Be A Leader

Congratulations to the women and men across Canada who came out yesterday to support women's rights. You keep your government inspired.

Activism is that way, Justin. aka Pop Tart Lasagna.
Oh. Who are the leaders of this group?
Check this out.
"Seven people were in custody yesterday on charges of second-degree murder and kidnapping in connection with the death of a Long Island real- estate broker whose body was found locked in a trunk in a Manhattan apartment Saturday. 
The police said the victim, 60-year- old Thomas Vigliarolo of Jericho, had been missing since March 20, when he left his home to meet a client in New Jersey. 
On April 2, his business partner received a ransom demand for $435,000, according to a police spokesman, Sgt. Diane Kubler. 
An autopsy yesterday found that Mr. Vigliarolo had died of asphyxiation, said Dr. Beverly Leffers, a deputy chief medical examiner. 
Mr. Vigliarolo's body was found in an apartment at 115 West 142d Street. Those charged were Selma Price, 46, of that address; Rita Peters, 20, and Donna Hilton, 20, both of the Bronx; Maria Talag, 24, of Queens, and Woodie George Pace, 40, Louis Miranda, 64, and Angeles Marlano, 62, all of Manhattan. The police said Miss Talag had been a friend of Mr. Vigliarolo."

She changed a letter in her name looks like. It also sounds like she had a rough upbringing but still....Free moral agency.
How despicable is this? To be a part of torturing a human being is Karla Homolka territory. It's deranged.
I wonder how many of them supported or voted for Bill Clinton. Wooooo!
/pumps chest.

Thank You Obama!

Thank you for:

Being at war every day you were President! 
Expanding those wars.  
Keeping Gitmo open.
Snubbing Lech Welesa when he asked to visit you.
The double-speak on Israel. 
Deporting 2.5 million people. 
Not releasing the Abu Ghraib pictures.
Bombing a Yemeni wedding. 
Wiretapping and following reporters. 
Prosecuting more people under the espionage act than all previous presidents. combined. 
The Afghanistan surge and more military deaths over there.
Blocking FOIA requests in record numbers. 
Raiding more medical Marijuana dispensaries than Bush. 
Changing your mind on gay marriage when it was politically expedient to do so.
Weak GDP rates and possibly Japan-style growth.
Preventing The Great Depression...(we think).
The rise of civil forfeiture.
Decreased median household income.
Keeping the national debt high.
Decreasing full-time work and increasing part-time employment.
Attacking and bombing seven countries and destabilizing an entire region.
Losing American leadership in the Middle-East.
Pissing Russia off and letting China increase its aggression in the region.
Weakening alliances with Turkey and Eastern Europe.
Leaving behind a divided 'post-racial' America.
Talking so much and doing so little.
Putting more people on welfare.
Increasing health insurance premiums and letting people keep their plans and doctors.
Your enlightened views on economics (you didn't build that) and history (The Crusades).
Your wise and measured words during violent protests.
Using children after Sandy Hook to push for gun-control.
Demonizing the wealthy and encouraging the politics of envy.
Fast and Furious.
Handling Benghazi with utmost honesty,. 
Putting an innocent man in jail and not granting Amb. Chris Stevens extra security as requested.
Asking NASA to make Muslims feel good.
Letting Hillary have an unsecured private server.
Being agile at blaming others.
Carefully crafting a cynical image of yourself.
Being a pop culture President.
The IRS scandal.
Responsibly spending $2 billion on Healthcare.gov.
Doing something about the VA and saving soldiers dying while waiting for care.
The Office of Personnel Management hacking.
Being a steadfast defender of climate change.
Threatening Britain if they didn't vote against Brexit.
Lying about Berghdahl and repatriating a deserter.
Solyndra and squandering taxpayer dollars on the green economy.
For saving GM....union that is, while raiding police and teacher pensions and other secure creditors to do so.
Introducing Jonathan Gruber and putting a tax cheat in as Secretary of the Treasury.
Rigging the stimulus as a massive labor kickback scheme.
Incompetence and prostitution in the Secret Service.
The DOJ secretly reviewing work and home phone records of AP reporters.
Handling the Deepwater Horizon disaster with dignity and shakedowns.
Shaking down Toyota and Volkswagen.
The DOJ calling Fox news reporter James Rosen a criminal co-conspirator for leaking information.
Eric Holder and his honourable service.
The DOJ for prosecuting and punishing whistleblowers.
Being the most transparent administration in history.
Being the 4th best President ever.
Lowering the sea levels.
Getting a Nobel Peace Prize.
Your secret kill list and killing of American citizens without due process.
Signing a bill giving you full armed protection forever while declining to extend this right to citizens.
Ransom payments to Iran and lying about it.
Amending and issuing exemptions and extensions to Obamacare in violation of the law.
Attacking Libya without Congressional approval and having Europe deal with the refugee crisis.
Violating the War Powers Act and UN Article 39.
Running guns to ISIS through whoever the Free Syrian Army were.
Drawing a red line.
Transferring funds to the UN Climate Fund without Congressional authrorization.
Not tabling a budget.
Skillful cynical politicking.
Not fixing SS.
Allowing the EPA to violate FOIA while evading Congressional oversight.
Looking the other way to Hillary's criminal activities via her foundation.
Excellent record at the Supreme Court. Wouldn't expect anything less for a constitutional lecturer.
Cash for Clunkers and how it helped the poor.
Creating an atmosphere of animosity and general cynicism regarding entrepreneurship and wealth.
Smart power and resetting foreign policy.
Commuting Manning and not Snowden.
Doubling debt per person (despite campaigning on net reduction of debt).
Continuously lecturing Americans.
Cunningly forging a cult-like image among your sycophants.
Average oratorical skills but making it seem it was substantial.
Taking expensive vacations.
Hyping up the lies on Russian 'hacking'.
An Iran deal...?
Ensuring the nation was at peace with the smooth transition given the angst.
Losing nearly 1000 seats and damaging the Democrat brand.
Doing little inner-city African-Americans.
Usual crony politics.
Taking the troops out of Iraq but not containing ISIS.
Dropping sanctions against Cuba (no sarc).
Restricting basically welfare to Cubans who get an immediate pathway (no sarc). Little in return though. 

Thank for Bush 2.0 and injecting steroids into it.

Progressives. You're wrong. Flat out. Full stop.

Of Shallowness And Littering

Ever notice when progressives protest, jurisdictions have to prepare for it as if going to war setting riot police onto the streets? They do it not because they want to go bust some heads but because there's a track record of left-wingers attacking police, committing acts of vandalism and violence. There are more arrests of left-wingers beating up Trump supporters than vice-versa (so far, I've yet to see an example of Trump supporters doing anything remotely on the scale of what the left has done).

Even in university's the path to free speech is through riot police because progressive tolerance tends to get violent.

Check out the mess after yesterday's women's march. I still don't know what it's about exactly. Abortion rights? I think they already have that. One of their grievances is to extract more free shit or no taxes on women's hygiene products like tampons. Of course, it was another excuse to throw a hissy fit about Hillary losing.

I can just picture these pampered women dropping their sings and splitting for the nearest Starbucks patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

Meanwhile, have you EVER seen a lick of littering or violence at Pro-Life or Tea Party or any conservative rallies or protests?

How you treat public spaces configures into the overall framework that constitutes values and principles. Ironic that the people who scream for the expansion of government and public 'welfare' and 'services' mistreat it the most, while the ones who would prefer smaller government nonetheless treat it with respect.

In other words, they're pigs who expect others to pick up after them.


As someone put it:

"My choice. My body. My life.

Your bill.

So, me-me-me until the check comes due, then it takes a village.

Prog-mind distilled."

Lorne Michaels Should Masturbate On Live TV To A Poster Of Obama

And save us the bull shit you run a comedic satire show.

Too funny the SNL tribute to Obama with one of the comedians screaming 'don't go' at the end!

Of course, let's have a dictatorship! What a lovely idea. Progressives love authoritarians after all.


Michaels was just returning the favor for getting the Medal of Freedom. AKA Medal of Thanks for the Campaign Donation.

Sycophantic clowns.

The whole lot of them.

If only Juvenal were here to witness it.


The Violent Left

I'm in agreement. There IS a war. This is not people exercising free speech; this is violence and the use of it to intimidate. Only difference is I've already learned to hate the left. I have no tolerance for communism, socialism, Marxism, and every other destructive, anti-humanist isms from fascism to Nazism part of the 'left-wing' umbrella.

Evil is what it is and it's threatening Western civilization.

Hyperbole? It's not when we see it unfolding in real time. You find it normal how the left (including celebrities) are reacting? Trust your gut. Most decent people know. You don't need to be invested as some of us to feel it's wrong and obscene. Remember how for eight years we were told how 'racist' America is and that hate crimes were on the rise and how the Tea Party were mad people? Yet, we never saw a single evidence of it. We didn't see conservatives protesting or marching screaming to the level claimed.

But we do see the left's hate in full bloom right before our eyes.

They are liars and they are dangerous.

What side are you on? Ours, with word and reason or the barbarians armed with ignorance and weapons?

It used to be, in classical liberal/libertarian/conservative ranks they believed in the idea of compromising with liberals and progressives.

I've come to the conclusion we must not. They can't be pleased or appeased. They're in nihilist mode wallowing in utter degenerate despair and ignorance.

There's no bridge to mend or cross with them. They don't want it. They burned it.

Like a sick rabid dog, the movement needs to be put down.

Fall Of The West

Interesting article forwarded to me by Edmund S. Phelps at Project Syndicate:

"...In fact, since 1970, aggregate labor compensation (wages plus fringe benefits) has grown only a little more slowly than aggregate profits have, and average wage growth at the bottom of the income scale has not slowed relative to the “middle class.” But the average hourly compensation of private-sector workers (production and non-supervisory employees) has grown far more slowly than that of everyone else. And the male labor-force-participation rate has declined significantly relative to that of women. In 2015, the share of manufacturing in total employment was just one-quarter of its level in 1970."

I don't think there's much doubt that there's a contraction taking place in the West. We're seeing it right before our eyes. There isn't any vibrant intellectual 'Age of Reason'. Just a bunch of protests and grievances of identity politics masking as intellectualism.

From Spengler's Decline of the West to Orwell's 1984 to Rand's Atlas Shrugged and even obscure books like The Strange Death of Liberal England. Writers and thinkers alike have been pointing to this in different ways for decades in the 20th century.

I for one contend were currently mired in a Dark Age. Our superstitions equivalent to those we saw in the Middle-Ages are to be found in the climate change movement, political correctness (right down to  what transpires on college campuses from SJW to micro aggressions to trigger warnings to the grotesque attack on men regarding consensual sex and etc.), foolish economic beliefs (tax and spend, minimum wage and vague terms demonizing people thus pitting people against one another based on bull shit economic theories) and so on. These are examples not of progress but of an ignorant and deeply irrational populace who have let superstition take over reason.

Historian Charles Murray, to add, in his Human Accomplishment: The Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 B.C. to 1950, joins Phelps' contention by putting it up on a bigger scale. Specifically, that it's not just innovation (and Phelps is absolutely correct it's the excessive regulatory state that has committed this crime; not free markets as Obama ignorantly expressed. Government intervention has driven prices up, eroded purchasing power and damaged and distorted the voluntary exchange economy) that's been in decline but innovation and achievement in a wide spectrum of areas in Western civilization be it in literature, music, the sciences, mathematics. We seem to have reached our apex in the 1950s.

We have moments here and there but NOTHING like we saw during Renaissance Italy or Ancient Greece and Rome or the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions or the Age of Reason that marked the West.

What we're in a dire need of is a Second Renaissance.

Alas, we can but sit and wait patiently until we watch the trash pass through.

On Stupidity Of The Left

At the moment, progressives are jumping sharks left, right and centre.

Over dinner, some friends and I brushed over talking about secessionist movements in North America (i.e. Western parts of North America, Vermont, California and of course Quebec).

The thing about secessionist movements is that it usually takes a trigger point to galvanize people into action and it's not usually ideologically or philosophically driven.

What drives humans to action is basically the rising price of bread and taxes. Lack of access with the former and excessive abuse of the latter and you get some pretty pissed off people. This is the essential history of mankind.

Don't confused this with expansionism of tribes, kingdoms and nation-states. Populist revolts act independent of state power.

The philosophy part, only happens once the people clear a path for it. People, in general, don't care much about that stuff but it is important for the ideals of a community and nation.

People care about the economy; their pocket books and how they can care for their families.

When the Americans challenged the English because of tyranny via abuse of taxes, the people had had enough. They revolted but all the while the thinkers in the colonies were operating in parallel to what the colonists were doing. They had been observing and developing their ideas.

The rights of man, universal principles of men being equal before God and the law - stuff like that. Ideas that were to be incorporated for the first time inhuman history into The Constitution. The birth of the free man where he held inalienable rights that the government could not take away started with the birth of the United States. True, the philosophy of the free man had been around since at the very least the Roman Republic and had evolved into The Magna Carta and eventually the U.S. Constitution. It's a process; a terribly long, arduous process for the natural default position of man is tyranny.

As we've seen, humans will fight for their freedoms and there's no doubt they will continue to do so so long as forces seek to take it away. Once the victory is sealed this is when the ideal and principles and value of a nation are created - both romantic and legal.

It's an imperfect starting point.

Where progressives fall flat is they prey on those imperfections as a weapon to invalidate based on contemporary considerations and perceptions.

They consistently fail and refuse to keep history in its proper place and perspective. Hence, you get a sort of grotesque stab at intellectualism with a 'yeah well, we depend to much on The Constitution because it was all dead white guys who couldn't envision how complex we are and slavery'.

It's irrational to dismantle your foundation to fit a modern narrative.

Think if you did that to structure; be it a building or home.

It would collapse.

When university English departments take down paintings of Shakespeare to prop up a niche, modern poet, they're not progressing. They're willingly taking part in the destruction of the foundation that laid the ground work to reach this point.

Once you get the gist on how the mindset works, it's no surprise of what you see in the after math of the Trump election. What we're witnessing is less principles in action and healthy skepticism but just a generic form of a public tantrum borne out of indifference and ignorance of our Western heritage.

And plain old stupidity.


Quote Of The Day

"Now, just as there was in Teddy Roosevelt's time, there is a certain crowd in Washington who, for the last few decades, have said, let's respond to this economic challenge with the same old tune. "The market will take care of everything," they tell us. If we just cut more regulations and cut more taxes -- especially for the wealthy -- our economy will grow stronger.

Now, it's a simple theory. And we have to admit, it's one that speaks to our rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much government. That's in America's DNA. And that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. But here's the problem: It doesn't work. It has never worked. It didn't work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression. It's not what led to the incredible postwar booms of the '50s and '60s. And it didn't work when we tried it during the last decade. I mean, understand, it's not as if we haven't tried this theory."

Osawatomie, Kansas, 6 December, 2011, Barack Obama.

Hm, hm, HM.

Gonna get me a fine plate of economic illiteracy and historical revisionism!

There you go. Communist by other means. Government is a warm gun mama. You didn't build that. Oh no you dindt. 

It's not a 'simple theory' you clown. It's a FACT and the base root of the West's economic success. It wasn't progressive policies that made the West and the United States mighty. It was free-market trade - just like it happened in Rome. It's YOUR sophomoric critical theory outlook that has distorted this fact and turned into a hideous mess. Thankfully we get a four year reprieve of the progressive virus spreading.

Yeh well there was a depression in 1921 and guess how America got out of it? Coolidge doesn't get enough props for his wise non-interventionism.

Anyway. This is all you need to know about Obama's ridiculously shallow grasp of economics and his talent for bull shitting.

In the upcoming days we will heat a lot about his place among Presidents. Some of his policies (like the Iran deal) we just don't know to judge but there's a sufficient body of work to objectively draw some conclusions. 

He's definitely in the bottom pile and not, as one person put it, 'the best President in the last 50 years'. When you look past all the stupid fluff, emotions, celebrity infatuation, and idiotic GOP blaming and other distractions, and objectively examine his major initiatives there's little meat. But that's for another post.

Mr. Leitao: You Greatly Disappoint

Yes, I know the Liberals are under great pressure given there's an election next year to give the hard left a bone.

But...Quebec is on a poor economic path with a carbon tax and increases in minimum wages starting in 2017.

The left keeps saying $15 minimum wage 'allows for someone to live in dignity'. Which is ridiculous because there's no way to empirically determine what 'wage' achieves a vague term like 'dignity'.

Alas, this is their MO. Appeal to the emotion. Not facts.

What's also absurd is a blanket, one-size fits all minimum wage across an economy with different speeds, considerations, pay and tax structures, growth and other nuances the left ignores or don't understand assumes the economy is a zero-sum organism with no dynamism.

It's so irrational I can't even begin to break it down.

What more, this magical, arbitrary 'figure of dignity' originated in the USA.

So basically, according to the brain dead, the optimum wage to live a life of dignity is $15.

Got that you assholes who earn $14? You have no dignity according to these buffoons.

Here's what's going to happen:

Wages go up, workers who jump to $15 will piss off those who earned it and they, in turn, will demand a raise thus triggering a domino of irrational price and wage distortions. Prices will go up, purchasing power will go down, unemployment will raise, full-time hours will drop, part-time will increase and the ENTIRE province will be poorer for it because the theory of 'if you pay them more they will spend it' will not transpire since on the aggregate they will be worse off.

/deep breath.

And with this increased drop in purchasing power and higher cost of living comes pressure to maintain the welfare state and union pensions (and civil servants in camouflage pants) who will demand taxpayers cover any shortfalls which will lead to still more taxes on the middle-class.

Circle of life. Proven fact. We see it developing right before our eyes in Europe and some jurisdictions in North America.

All for a lousy vote pandering to destructive progressive forces.


Quebec just kept its privileged status as an economic backwater on the continent.

My advice to the young and ambitious: Move.

Freeland's Bizarro PC Progressive Mindset Won't Serve Canada Well With U.S. Relations

Just my hunch based on what I've seen of Freeland so far - including her pointless performances on The McLaughlin Group prior to entering politics and her books.

Yeh. This won't end well for the Liberals.

Hey, Justin. I offer my services.Sounds like you're running thin there. I only offer my services because I don't want to see Canada further embarrassed by the Liberals. Consider me a temporary mercenary.  I guarantee, at the minimum, I won't make any worse of a mess.

I have a knack with strong, alpha-male winner take all personalities like the ones running the show in the USA now.

None of this 'Diversity is our strength' crap that will get you nowhere. Just plain, plump no bull shit, call out bull shit, straight in your face diplomacy.

Trust me. A guy like Trump is going to respect and appreciate this more than any shtick Freeland may bring.

I'll do it for a trip to the Bahamas. It'll be my pleasure in the service of Canada.



Sore Loser Leftists Will Protest Friday

A bunch of losers talking 'truth to power' and exercising their right to protest will take their Trump Deranged Syndrome to the streets for all to see.

On display will be vapid babbling masking as principles. It will be a spectacular orgasm of salty tears.

Over/under there will be vandalism and/or violence?

Updated. Someone I know who lives in Northern California sent a group of us this:

"Oakland, CA is expecting "peaceful demonstrations of free speech" on
Friday and Saturday. Here's some common-sense tips they've sent around,
the typical sorts of suggestions you'd expect at other free speech
events or parades, just like Veterans' Day:
*Please consider these safety tips:*

  * Be sure your business and home are well lit. Good lighting increases
    visibility—and also increases the effectiveness of any video
    surveillance system.
  * If possible, park your car in a secure, off-street location.

  * Bring in your trash receptacles or secure them.

  * Bring in any outdoor furniture, signs, flower pots or other
    unsecured fixtures that could be used to break a window.
  * If you have a surveillance system, be sure it is in good working
    order and is turned on. Save recordings to help document criminal

Aside from putting all the responsibility on the victim, notice that they already know the sort of idiots who are going to be present.

Again, whenever conservatives protested - i.e. Tea Party - not a hint of violence or littering. When the left take to the streets they leave a path of vandalism, destruction and sometimes violence (only a small minority! Funny how they don't say this when they label Trump a racist for getting an endorsement from the KKK - a tiny minority). 

It's all projection. When they call anyone and everyone a racist, it means they're race obsessed.

Of course, they've expanded this with 'you're a racist and don't know it' rhetoric. This is how they corner people. 

Ugly and anti-intellectual. 

This is the progressive movement.

Congrats Tim Raines!

Montreal Expos superstar outfielder and base stealing machine Tim Raines was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today.

With his induction, the Hall will feature three Expos now - Andre Dawson, Gary Carter and Tim Raines. That number will increase to four when Vladimir Guerrero gets the call probably next year; he came close this year in his first year of eligibility.

Watching these Expos get in is bittersweet. It just reminds me of a time when the Expos were simply a part of this city's sports summer landscape. From the therapeutic voice of Dave Van Horne, Duke Snider, Ken Singleton and Jacques Doucet to playing midnight baseball while listening to the Expos on radio during a West coast swing.

And of course, that Tim Raines stance. In fact, Dawson, Carter, and Guerrero all had memorable batting stances. They even had the best nicknames. The Kid, Hawk, Cool Breeze and Tim 'Rock' Raines.

But nothing meets the drive down from a northern suburb of Montreal with my neighbour - who was a season ticket holder  - down Pie-IX boulevard to the Olympic Stadium on a lazy summer afternoon.  I distinctly still remember the smell of the Stadium on game day and walking into our seats. It wasn't Wrigley or Fenway or Chavez Ravine but it was our Polo Grounds; our Ebbets Field.

The Expos were Montrealais and those memories simply don't disappear.

But the team did. In many ways, the Expos are an unfulfilled promise just like this city. Montreal has lost much of its edge and muster in the last 25 years or so. As Toronto continues to reach astronomical heights making it a true international metropolis, Montreal is stagnant or even a laggard.

The Expos were a symbol of city looking for that one great world championship to validate its place among the great North American (sports) cities.

Alas, it was not to be. By the early 1990s, the Blue Jays had won two World Series. The best chance the Expos had was gutted by an obscene strikes in 1994 still too irritating to think about.

Bah. That's all the past now.

Like watching Raines in those powder blue Expos uniforms playing against any of those evil teams in the NL east. A memory worth remembering.

#30 is in!

The Trudeau Train Wreck Continues: Because It's 2017

So how is this stupid campaign caravan going for Justin - Pop Tart Parmigiana - these days?

Not terribly swell I reckon.

And Canadians aren't holding back as another round of mocking has taken place.

I have no idea what's in Justin's head these days.

He consistently manages to display a penchant for boneheaded and baffling comments.

The one about him refusing to answer a person who asked a question in English in the language it was asked as is, you know,  effen-bleeping customary in civil settings, is just another notch under a belt filled with fluff and stupidity.

Aside from the lack of wisdom on full display (yes, let's show our kids to be ethno-linguistic chauvinists with little regard for others),

No. Saying 'because it's Quebec' is not a justification for being an asshole toward her.

Quite frankly, it's reminiscent of bus drivers or other low-brow nationalists who scream, 'parle moi en francais calice c'est le Quebec!'

It's the principle reason why - whoosh - my kid is outta here as soon as possible and here's this dolt reinforcing a most improper behaviour we work hard to avoid.

It seems the harder he tries to 'connect' or sound like 'one of the guys' the most preposterous he comes off. He tries too hard and it's not coming off well.

He should take a page from Obama who just meekly and incompetently ran his country for eight years. Where he spectacularly failed, he made sure he carefully and meticulously crafted an image of himself. It started before his election and he made sure to present an image of himself for the masses.

Someone said Trump is the first reality President. Here's the thing. Obama LAID THE TRACKS for that to happen. He was the 'social media' President; the first pop culture President where everything he did from photo-ops to hitting the talk show circuit was purposely orchestrated.

Nothing was real.

Trudeau tries the same sort of shtick with his rolled up sleeves and emotional pleas but if you're going to go full blown superficial do it right. He's less pop culture and more pop tart.

Is it too much to ask? Can't Canadians do anything right?

Keep it up Liberals. Bravo!

I never thought I'd see the day where I would have so little confidence or respect for our political masters.

Tumbleweed And Crickets

Still not a single word from Obama's Magical Narcissistic Tour on the mentally challenged kid who was kidnapped and tortured by four black teens.

I guess Obama already used the old 'if I had a son it would look like him' routine.

Not a single word about what that poor kid went through. Yet, there were no riots; calls to 'burn the bitch down'.

Is anyone - outside the cult of course - actually buying half the drivel he's been spewing?

I caught a couple of seconds of his last press conference (not sure why since he had a farewell speech but a few days ago that went longer than three of his predecessors combined) earlier today. Aside from his continued breath taking display of hubris - he says he will step in each time Trump does something he thinks is wrong. He won't even have the class and dingily to just step aside and be gone - he said 'he's worried about slowing growth'.

Funny. He never seemed to care about the muted growth during his time as President and has in fact been among the lowest on record.

But hey. This from a guy who claimed he was the '4th best President ever' two years into office, claims O-Care was okey-dokey awesome, relations with Russia improved, race relations were healthy  and had the most transparent administration in history.

All - to put it mildly - dubious assertions.

A sub-par Presidency closes with bizarre claims of successes that never transpired.

The Faux Self-Righteous Disgrace And Fall Of The Democrat Party

Something like 50 Democrats will not be present at Trump's inauguration opting for a sophomoric 'sit-in' as if they're still in college. The party that cried, screamed and whined about 'accepting results' have been nothing but a bunch of disgraceful and undignified nitwits. The whole point of the smooth transition is to pass on power with grace to keep the nation moving forward. Yet, here they are backstabbing this etiquette because they can't man up and be mature enough to shut the fuck up and do the right thing.

Imagine if conservatives did this with Obama?

There was no love for him but they didn't go this far. Which is telling really.

I thought elections had consequences?

The party that lost nearly 1000 seats may lose even more if they keep doubling down like this.

America is for winners.

Not losers.

And Democrats are losers.

Poor ones too.


How A Guaranteed Income Would Work

Given all the nonsensical economic theories we believe (spending out of recession, minimum wages etc.), it's not that hard to envision what the political class - in all their poppycock thinking - would implement a GI.

Basically, and cutting right to the chase, it would mean setting aside a segment of the population we deem 'rich' and arbitrarily determining what the income level makes one rich and tax the living shit out of it.

Take the money, hand it over to the 'poor' regardless of whether they deserve it or not (thus enabling those who don't) and rejoice!

You did your bit to save civilization; humanity.

The End.

Climate Change: The Great Lie And Redistribution Scam And Scheme Of Our Times

I was thinking the other day what was the greatest deception in the last 20 years?

I asked myself this because humans have an innate small talent for deception. We love to be deceived and deception we get from our political and academic masters. See, they're smart. They know how to prick our little minds to get our votes.

And then come in the charlatans and cronies (your Al Gores and Bill Nyes of this world) who go around screaming all sorts of brimstone bull shit. Why you may ask? Hello. There's a buck to be made off it. It's a cottage industry onto itself.

And for governments it was the perfect excuse to raise taxes more (thus eroding our ability to achieve  wealth as well as our purchasing power.

Climate change is now the all encompassing existential threat to our existence they tell us. Even if it were wouldn't be able to do a god damn fucken thing about it no matter what David Suzuki says.

Notice the three people I've mentioned so far are not climate scientists or physicists. Two are engineers and the other is a lab technician or something.

With the parasites and cronies clamouring to get at our tax dollars the government is all too ready to steal in the name of climate change we now turn our attention to the political ideologues.

Here we see your Naomi Kleins who want to uproot capitalism and install, well, I'm not sure what they want because they have no principles or well thought-out plan of action so let's just call it pipi caca. Or socialism. What's the difference?

Naomi makes a mint off your fear. Capitalism has no interest in keeping us poor or having us dead because of climate change. Know why? Capitalism is a state of mind. It's the most complex system of trade ever devised. And it works. Capitalism doesn't want to destroy earth. If the profit incentive is there, it will save earth; if it needs saving. Which it doesn't.

That's just the retardation of man's hubris thinking he - or she or it - can save the fucken globe.

Dipshits like Gore who keep telling us to act now or else!

You have to be, sorry, a complete dolt to buy into the biggest bull shit scam of our times.

You're now poorer for it in your pocket. And for what? Will they achieve anything with, for example, carbon taxes? What will they do with the money? Do they really think it's going to discourage our driving behaviour? Does levying a carbon tax sounds like sensible policy to you when it extends to cremation?



Of course not. But it will shave some points off the old GDP I can tell you that.

That's a-okay to scam artists like Klein who have bet their careers on this and have shielded themselves from any negative consequences that come of it.

Ah, yes. The unintended consequences. Heaven forbid we explore and investigate the secondary impact of our actions. They certainly don't want that.

This is why we also have, to add to the group mentioned above, the aim to control the language. 'Deniers' and 'it's settled' and 'irrefutable' is the language of the Church (ironic given the left absolutely loathe religion. Methinks there's a little projection at play as well) not of science.

My own personal favorite in the lexicon of climate system change religion is the 'consensus' crap. As if this is how science works. Like some sort of tribal democracy. There is no consensus in science. That's just a stupid made up lie to get you to go along with their bull shit. The idea of consensus is just as vapid as believing you can *balance* free speech.

Every time someone trots out the '97% of scientists agree!' it makes me want to snort cocaine.

I mean, how dare you challenge 97% of scienticians, right? What about the other 3%? Did you flog them? Shun them at the cock tail party? Do they have a say in any of this?

It's staggering that anyone, with all that we know about this movement, in a real debate would even dare go there. Yet, politicians do it all the time waving their arms and wagging their fingers as if it's set in stone. 97% my ass. It's been proven to be false with most of the people cited in that original source not even being climate scientists and still others didn't give permission for their work be cited let alone use their names.

Deception is a warm gun.

The more extremists among this 'new religion' want to imprison (we used to call this excommunicate back in the day) 'deniers'.

The faulty premise, poor methodology and manipulation of data must never be exposed.

Of course. It's only natural when you have a collection of anti-capitalist progressives, pant shitters, cronies, crooks and remedial academics looking to score big they're going to double down and protect all they've worked for.

They've managed to convert, for you can't have an effective cult, without unfulfilled people convinced of man's wretched nature. You seem them all over the place. From setting up stupid websites like 'I love fucking science' (which they don't), 'Fighting for climate' (which makes no sense since you can't 'fight' Mother Nature; fuck the metaphorical allegory. That's designed to fool you), passionate celebrities too stupid or blinded to see they're being manipulated, and of course, the famous conferences. Conferences in swanky places where elites use planes to reach leaving a yyyyuge fucken carbon foot print.

The hypocrisy, and it's in plain sight for all to see, is quite astonishing in its hutzpah really.

Plenty of sensible people and worthy and respected scientists have pleaded for us to not be so gullible and stupid.

However, the situation has become so politicized and corrosive, they're shunned and shouted down. They've been pushed out to make room for their climate change colleagues. I can just imagine the shenanigans behind the scenes. Gotta get those research grants.

Ever notice, as I've observed, whenever someone tries to engage the cultists a couple of things happen? First, the cultist demand proof and citations as if the burden of proof is with the 'denier'. This is not how free exchange of ideas works; let alone science with its empiricism. Second, they will simply scoff at whatever is presented - mostly through ad hominen (Wattsup with that? Lomborg? Ha,ha,ha!) or the sheer arrogance that if a study or paper is cited is/was funded by private interest it's somehow *bad*.

This is how they shut down debate.

So here we are. Signing useless pieces of papers pledging nonsensical and arbitrary targets. May as well piss in the wind.

This is where we're at.

No different than the old Catholic Church and Salem Witch Hunts. Lunatics, shysters, and extremists run and dictate the show.

And they're telling us we'd better believe or else.

It matters none the majority of their fucken predictions since the 1920s have been dead wrong and never panned out. It matters none that this is a Western preoccupation (1st world problem as it were) and not of great concern to developing nations who want to grow their economies and feed their populations. Where want to shut down sweat shops (our term), they want to work to pay for basics we take for granted like medicine. Alas, they care little of that. What matters is they impose their environmental standards and perceptions upon all nations regardless of any ramification it entails (e.g. death for lack of heating or not having access to electricity to store medicine as we see in Africa) and the needs of nations who are forced to toe the line. What do they care? Solar panels and wind mills (those pillars of progress killing eagles) because big picture, correct? Never mind the havoc it wreaks on people and the enormous waste  of money!

Who shall pay? Why, you of course? You - us - the taxpayer. 'The Forgotten Man' as William Graham Sumner put it.

"As soon as A observes something which seems to him to be wrong, from which X is suffering, A talks it over with B, and A and B then propose to get a law passed to remedy the evil and help X. Their law always proposes to determine what C shall do for X or, in the better case, what A, B and C shall do for X. ... [W]hat I want to do is to look up C. ... I call him the Forgotten Man. Perhaps the appellation is not strictly correct. He is the man who never is thought of. He is the victim of the reformer, social speculator and philanthropist, and I hope to show you before I get through that he deserves your notice both for his character and for the many burdens which are laid upon him."

Sucker. Where you're expected to pay for the welfare state you're now being asked to redistribute still more of your income into something as irrational (and it really is irrational) as climate change. They want to shift your money to the environment. Cut bono?

Not you that's for sure. You may get a tap on the bum or a '12th player' award to patronize you but little else.

The question now becomes when will we be rid of this scourge keeping us in a kind of dark age where this subject is concerned? For me, the time wasted on this is precious time and resources that could be put to better use elsewhere. We don't see the opportunity cost of our dimwited actions rooted in irrational fear and unreason.

This is the biggest travesty of it all.

So we wait.

It'll come.

But logic and reason have been pushed to the sidelines for now. Let the idiots make a mess of things. They will overplay their hand. And when they do. The real smart people will come in, clean it up and reset man onto a proper course of true progress.