Laws Of Science And Nature Will Determine Earth's Fate; Not Man

The Second Law of Thermodynamics suggests the earth will die in a 'heat death'.

From Live Science: 

"...The Second Law also predicts the end of the universe, according to Boston University. "It implies that the universe will end in a ‘heat death’ in which everything is at the same temperature. This is the ultimate level of disorder; if everything is at the same temperature, no work can be done, and all the energy will end up as the random motion of atoms and molecules.” 

In the far distant future, stars will have used up all of their nuclear fuel ending up as stellar remnants, such as white dwarfs, neutron stars or black holes, according to Margaret Murray Hanson, a physics professor at the University of Cincinnati. They will eventually evaporate into protons, electrons, photons and neutrinos, ultimately reaching thermal equilibrium with the rest of the Universe..."

Phrases I Hate

"Right side of history."

Worst. Phrase. Ever.

It's very Hegelian and Marxian. That is, as if history unfolds neatly and under systematic schemes. 

It also presumes 'your side' has human nature figured out and the course charted is preordained. How else to claim you're on the 'right side of history'? It pretty much shields you and if anyone dares challenge your position just beat them off with a wave of the hand and dismiss them as 'reactionaries'.

And of course, they merely define ‘right side of history’ as agreeing with progressive notions and ideals.

As someone put it:
"The left tends to foster their delusion that they were ‘on the right side of history’ by claiming descent from all sorts of people who had nothing to do with them and would have despised their ideas. So for example the Levellers get held up as proto-commies (despite their strong insistence on property rights), and the role of Christian fundamentalists in abolishing slavery is completely ignored. Meanwhile Progressive support for eugenics is nothing to do with them, squire."
And the Catholic Church's immeasurable role in science.


I grabbed this line from the usual hit piece at The Guardian which I've since lost about libertarians who have a, 

"visceral dislike of political correctness that caused them to turn against democracy"

And the left's interpretation of democracy is mob ruled because they're on the 'right side of history' which I'm surprised wasn't worked into the line.
Using the word ‘visceral’ suggests there’s no intellectual argument against political correctness.
Which is absurd. And notice how they always frame things as if there’s no room for debate. Ergo, you get logical fallacies like: Your (emotionally) driven visceral hatred of political correctness means you’re against democracy’.
You question public education policy means you hate kids.

You challenge Obama means you’re racist.

And so tiresomely on…

While Trudeau Sleeps

60 ISIS fighters confirmed in Canada.

How and why?

Is the Liberal game of politic correct chicken coming at the expense of national security?

It would be nice for once Trudeau answers any questions relating to this in a forthright manner free of  any empty platitudes which has become a feature in his government.


Not Open To Quebec Residents

Oh those evil, icky private businesses stopping people from getting to see Michelle Obama spew her banal musings about girl power.

So the CBC tries to spin it.

But here's the thing - and I've discussed this in the past - the 'not available in Quebec' or 'not open to Quebec residents' has been around for years and for all contests in general.

It's one of those things my wife would bitterly complain about whenever she tried to enter Disney contests for our daughter. Quebecers are always frozen out and no one really knows why except that it' may be because of Loto Quebec.

It's something the government should really visit in general.

Maybe the CBC can actually do some real work and find out why?

Fight For 15!

And be Funemployed!


Reminds me of this joke from the wonderful world of the Internet:

Hey, Honey! The greatest thing happened today! I won’t ever have to go back to work, and we can go fishing every day!”
“What happened?”
“I got fired!”


Oh. You think it'a about the workers, eh?

No, it's not.

It's about sticking it to the 'rich'.

It's never about the poor, the workers, the children with the left. It's about envy and taking down others. It's about making everyone equally miserable and mediocre.

The illiberal agenda of progressives is about control and power. Little else.

"In matters of automotive aesthetic mastery, there have been only two major influences. From about 1910 to 1939, the world looked to Paris, where the best designers worked their magic. After World War II, French leftist politicians intentionally destroyed the coachbuilding industry to punish rich clients who had sustained the business. This also killed great marques: Bugatti, Delage, Delahaye, Talbot, et. al., thereby ending French design leadership.
An enlightened Italian communist party thought jobs more important than class warfare, allowing the flow of raw materials French communists had stanched for the carrosseries. Ferraris and Maseratis were meant only for the rich? Their money could support hundreds of craftsmen and their families. Thus was born the glorious 1945-’75 period when Italian car design came to lead the world in terms of aspirational vehicles."
To their credit, Italian communists were a little more intelligent and pragmatic. But that's another strain of thinking not fit for this post. Suffice to say I was told by an Italian writer that Italian communism - like all things in Italy - was a suggestion and highly flexible. 

Two Forces Of Diversity Clashing: A Bankrupted Notion Needs To Be Eradicated

I've made my views clear about what I think about diversity.

It's rubbish with little intellectual substance to back it up. It's just forced social engineering by other means is what it is and it's not progressive on any level given it weeds out merit out of the equation.

Unfortunately, when an enlightened person like Denise Young Smith attempts to be fair and just, she's forced to step down.

Apple isn't so brave.

Ms. Smith is.

By a substantial margin.

Tim Cook just spews narratives, but Smith asserted salient we'd all better heed.

What did she say that led to her stepping down from her position as Diversity Chief (a position that should be abolished outright in any company and is an abhorrent attack on the humanism and harkens to the dark days of communistic thinking) at Apple?

"...There can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blond men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation,” the inaugural diversity chief said.
“Diversity is the human experience,” she said, according to Quartz. “I get a little bit frustrated when diversity or the term diversity is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or the LGBT.”
Oh dear me.

Literally, like, literally worse than Hitler and Trump combined!

She can't go against the narrative like this. Didn't she learn from Google's James Damore? There is just no space for reason and logic.

Ms. Smith probably under estimated the rot driving intellectualism these days at it still has the power to destroy careers.

Hopefully one day we'll arrive at true enlightenment but it ain't gonna be the progressive agenda that brings it. On the contrary, it's setting it back.

Speaking of backward politics and thinking, Justin Trudeau is all about the politics of emotion and mediocrity. He embraces it.

Still, in this stupid and insipid war on diversity, I'm glad and hope more people like Ms. Smith speak out and beat back unjust forces festering like mold in board and class rooms.


Trump's War With CNN Goes Back

Late Night Clowns

Predictably, the brave and edgy talk show hosts went after Trump's water break.

Oooo, Colbert and Myers. You guys are hilarious! Wow, Kimmel you really nailed him with that Fiji water zinger!

It's all so...yawn.

I would respect these clowns had they had the balls to go after this twit. Obama was a bottomless pit of material but they chose to avoid it like the little, partisan cowards they are.

I've observed that morale seems to be much higher in the U.S. military under Trump. Gee, I wonder why.

Where Obama seemed at best flippant towards them, Trump speaks glowingly and with confidence with regards to the military.

This Isn't Over

Someone said the Weinstein thing is just the tip of the iceberg and boy were they onto something. Since then the list of people accused of sexual assault is growing and growing (and I truly hope justice and due process isn't compromised) including Spacey, Louis CK, Al Franken and now Stallone.

At this point, I think we're gonna need bigger prisons. Heck, build a Hollywood prison!

If I was artistic I'd create a Boulevard of Rapists painting. Or here's an idea for TV shows: Sexually Incorrect with Al Franken.

Marie Claire And The Face Of Totalitarianism

If you wonder what totalitarianism (unhinged critical theory in the age of the 'resistance' if you will) looks like consider this Tweet from Marie Claire:

We're still waiting for an explanation of Taylor Swift's decision to remain apolitical during the 2016 election.

No MC. Taylor Swift owes you tyrants jack shit. Do you understand? NOTHING. 

It's her damn right.

Not that logical consistency and principles are a forte for such publications but so much for women power, eh? It's all feminism until one flies over the cuckoo's nest. Then it's all 'yo bitch how come you  disrespect us? ANSWER!'

How about a simple 'fuck you' or 'mind your fucken business'?

Good on Taylor Swift and I hope she holds the line and gives them the finger.

We saw this 'pick a side' nonsense recently with that idiotic rant penned by Jeff Blair.

Marie Claire. Get the fuck outta here. Like they can discuss the difference between Aquinas's Summa Theologica and St. Augustine's City of God.

Point is, as far as I'm concerned, ignoramuses have no business demanding people close ranks with their degenerate political views.

Now go back to fabricated what women should be or whatever it is they claim to do. Never mind that fashion and Hollywood is filled with scum. They're the last to be lecturing people about this kind of stuff.

Holy shit have these publications become a cess pool of insufferable virtue signalling or what?

Think of it. Marie fucking Claire likens itself to 'the resistance'. It's beyond the Bizarro World.

GQ, Rolling Stone, Cosmo, Marie Claire....

Trump forced them to drop their masks and boy are they ever ugly.

Meanwhile, he's handling the affairs of the country just fine. Not that the media is going to fairly report on him. 


Updated: Shilling For Biden And The Alt-Reality Of The Left

Be careful now. The media is going to slowly spin this whole Weinstein thing away from the fact he's a Democrat and try and find ways to pin things on conservatives.

Remember, this is the side that thinks Republicans were liberals and then became racists

Now they're starting to clean up Biden's image.

Don't buy into any of it.

It's hilarious how they think it's 'alt-right fake news' when the footage (including C-SPAN!) of Biden comes from other sources unedited for all to plainly see. It's not a meme it's reality.

The fact she writes 'alt-right fake news' says a lot about the immature and irresponsible state of affairs of contemporary journalism. Her assertion isn't backed by facts.

I bet you she thinks Hillary has clean hands and Obama never spied on Americans or Trump. 

It reminds me of a progressive friend who actually said he wanted to see proof of Hillary's corruption. This after he just ranted about Trump being racist and a Nazi without a single verifiable fact. Never mind not being able to connect it to Nazi Germany. 

The progressive left live in an alt-reality.

Here are a collection of Biden's inappropriate and creepy behaviour from C-SPAN footage.

Anything you'd like to add Nicole Perlroth? 


I was doing some work today from home and happened to have the TV on. Whatever show was on was interrupted by a news break to cut to Trump speak about his vista to Asia (which was a success and didn't lead to WWIII! Woo-hoo!). It happened to be on ABC with George Stephanopoulos. As soon as it ended Stephanopoulos interviewed Martha Raddatz where both proceeded to talk about how he was long on talk and short on specifics (something they never questioned with the champ on bull shit talk Obama). She then she ripped right into a rant about how 60% of Americans don't trust the President to deal with North Korea. 

ABfuckenC. Objective neutral journalism my ass. They remain in the arms of the Democrat party.

It's insulting they say otherwise.


Tavecchio And Ventura FUORI!


Sounds like the FIGC have a couple of squatters in their ranks who think it's just another day at the office. 

These two deluded, embarrassing nincampoops are refusing to resign. Staggering given what they just did to Italian calcio. If they are still presiding in the next few hours there's something corrupt and rotten in the FIGC. Galliani and director Michele Uva need to be shown the door. 

Out. Let the revolution begin as 'Corriere dello Sporto' have called for.

This thing of shafting talented young players has to stop. Italy has the depth and talent to easily qualify for every World Cup and then compete for the title. Even this group that played very well at Euro 2016 beating formidable squads like Belgium, powerhouses like Spain and forcing Germany to take them out in penalties (Germany still hasn't beaten Italy in open play). They didn't suddenly forget to play and score. Ventura erased this and then decimated their confidence.

It wasn't very hard to look at Italy players and determine a formation around them. Everyone knew the 4-3-3 is what suited them. Had he been paying attention he would have formed a bedrock around Gagliardini and Florenzi and Insigne and Jorghino each highly skilled tandems for their respective teams Roma and Napoli. By far the two best sides in Serie A. Those four alone could have been incredible servicing and complimenting Immobile and Belotti. That alone would have seen them through without doubt in a 4-3-3. 

Then there's the defence. One cycles too many it turns out for Chiellini, Barzagli and Bonucci and at the expense of Caldara, Romangoli and Conti. And experienced players like Criscito and Giovinco were outright ignored. In fact, Ventura was so parochial and myopic I bet you he didn't even know where they played (part sarc). Point is, it's unacceptable to have such a coach in one of the most important soccer nations to think this way. 

It's time for them to step in, along with Chiesa, Spinazzola, Bernardeschi and Donnarumma who should be under the tutelage of Buffon.

But all this youthful talent and skill will go to waste with the wrong coach and mindset. Never mind the damage it does to the perception of Italian players abroad. Insigne was treated as if he was second-rate so people begin to wonder, well, if the coach didn't use him how bad is he? But that's not the case here. The reality is it's Ventura who was the problem.

To be fair, Ventura is far from alone with his weird quirks. Italian soccer is filled with stubborn if not egoist managers. Prandelli lost all faculties in 2014 with his choices and formations. In 2002, Trapattoni managed defensively when it was not prudent to do so, Zoff and Donadoni made their calls that were questioned when they were at the helm. Cesare Maldini didn't use Baggio until it was too late in the quarter-finals against France in 1998. I believe even Gianni Rivera wasn't fancied at the 1970 World Cup. But the difference in those cases is while there were bitter disappointments and bad judgment calls, it didn't degrade the system and there were solid results in spite of it. It was only in the last 7 years have we seen serious consequences and it culminated into Ventura.

Find prominent roles for Baggio (who saw the future back in 2010 only to see his warnings fall on deaf ears thus ensuring his departure), Albertini, Del Piero, Buffon and Maldini - IMMEDIATELY. 

Albertini in particular should be given the nod as he seems to have a forward looking plan. 

La Nazionale has to be repaired and it must start with a fresh, progressive face. Not with the shit and sludge running it at the moment.

Ventura didn't have the balls to speak to the media after the game sneaking out of a Milan hotel leaving it to his players to face the music. They did this the best they could and of course it was Buffon who did all he could to save the face of a broken footballing system after the game.

Buffon. Legend. Class.

If Ventura stays, I wonder how far off from a situation where players refuse to play the Federation is. 

Asking De Rossi to warm up at a critical stage while Insigne sat was simply the act of a clueless, arrogant man who put his ego above the team. And De Rossi made this clear. So bad was Ventura's defeatist attitude he claimed Italy was always going to the playoffs forcing Buffon to respond 'we must not get accustomed to mediocrity.' Words I've never heard an Italian coach ever utter. Buffon did well to react immediately. 

Ventura basically broke their spirit and confidence with his faux-pragmatic rubbish. 

There are reports Ventura lost the room as players rebelled and yet he still sees himself fit to guide the legendary Azzurri? The brand he just damaged? 

And like it or not, Italy not qualifying goes beyond its borders. It's a massive blow to FIFA and the World Cup. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if they take a financial hit. Italy has a massive, loyal fan base across the globe. Italy not being there is a huge blow to the World Cup.

Ventura must go and take that white-criminal racist Tavecchio along to the unemployment line. 



Laying To Rest Hillary Won The Popular Vote And Trump's Bankruptcies

Of all the talking points that persists on the progressive mind set two stand out for me.

The first is the constant mentioning about how Hilary won the popular vote.

Given the system is about winning the electoral college, this is akin to saying 'we scored more goals than you so we win even though we lost the series'.

Never mind the bulk of her support came from two places - California and NY. In fact, the EC did its job. Imagine Hillary winning on the strength of L.A. and NYC? Doesn't sound representative does it, right?

It reminds me of when progressive invented the '66% of Canadians didn't vote for Harper!' as an attempt to delegitimize his victory.

It's their MO. Try and remove legitimacy by showcasing ignorance.

The other focuses on Trump not being a good businessman because he had multiple bankruptcies.

Once again showing the left are business illiterates.

In high school he had a Business law and Book keeping class. It was, looking back, a highly useful class. One could say it acted as a vaccine against the progressive virus when it comes to the subject.

In this class, we learned all sorts of interesting things including learning about the personality profile of entrepreneurs and examining what it took to launch a business.

Here, we learned that failure is the norm in business. It's here we learned '8 out of 10 businesses fail' and that the average billionaire filled for bankruptcy anywhere between 4 and 7 times. It's the rule and not the exception.

Trump is no different here. What's important to focus on is the determination and the fact he did eventually succeed despite failing. It's, well, the perfect character building story.

That he failed in the past has ZERO relevance to his current situation. If you were in a business board room or a bank and you said this, you'd be rightfully laughed at and be told Moscow is that-a-way.

Yet, this stupid take is popular and I hear it from people who should know better all the time.

Look at it this way, to borrow a baseball analogy, if a player hits .280 he's considered a solid hitter. If he hits .300 and over, he's a star and a stud.

In other words, you're a success if you hit the ball 28% and 30% of the time.

And so it is in business.

You can squawk all you want about Trump.

It won't detract he's successful.

Sure, we can quibble about how he achieved it and that he's 'cash poor' or whatever. Alas, we can say this about a lot of successful people.

Could you imagine the Hillary Inc. sausage factory?

Time to bury the PV and the bankruptcy talking points.

It's dated and never mattered.

The Punchline PM

Paradise Papers Mention Trudeau And BMO

When TS Eliot Said No To Orwell

TS Eliot declined to publish George Orwell's Animal Farm claiming the pigs were in fact the good guys.

Which is surprising given how artists (including celebrities) were enamoured with communism.

They still romanticize left-wing ideology. 


Trudeau A No Show At Trade Table; Upsets Partners

Pissing off Australia and New Zealand in the process.

As The Australian reports:

“It’s less than ideal to have every leader and trade minister from the other ten countries sitting around the table and not have Canada there. It’s not an ideal outcome,” he said.
“There is of course still opportunity for us to continue discussions to try to work our way through the last remaining issues Canada raised,” Mr Ciobo said. “But at this point in time it would appear, at the request of Canada, we’ve been unable to have leaders achieve a resolution today.”
A source close to the negotiations said there were “a lot of very angry people, a lot of very pissed off leaders” at the meeting.
“The Canadians screwed everybody,” the source said of Friday’s apparent situation.
The Australian side was understood to be angered over the development, which was seen as deeply embarrassing for Vietnam as the host country."
The Star tries its best to put a rose on this stinker by Trudeau.
So much for a 'better' Canada that doesn't disrespect anyone.

Always Remember