Missing The Point On Uber And Lyft

Innovation sometimes disrupts particularly unhealthy market set ups like monopolies.

Uber and Lyft are a product of an innovative entrepreneurial spirit. It shouldn't have to be threatened by officials to survive. If it were to fail, especially by design, its impact and the consequences would be catastrophic to future entrepreneurial minds and ideas.

Taxis are an antiquated service protected by the government by limiting competition.

Uber came in and exploded this game board and consumers can but benefit from this.

Taxi drivers who invested several hundred thousand dollars in order to be honored with a permit bestowed by the state should really be directing their anger at the government for fostering such an environment; unless the Taxi cartel had a hand in creating this monstrosity. Then they no one else to blame but their own stupidity.

Offering a service at competitive prices is what should determine whether Uber and Lyft survive. Not unholy political machinations using coercive power to protect one group against another.

Before you question Uber's tactics, remember. It could happen to you should you have a great idea. Because a great idea always threatens entrenched interests.


But we've always had an uneasy relationship with entrepreneurs and business as a whole. The progressive cries of a 'rigged system' and 'pay your fair share' and 'equal playing fields' stretch back to Roman times. Which hastened the fall of Rome which at one point operated pretty much like Western nations during its classical liberal apex.

Once the money rolls in, it's time to redistribute and when you start down that path, everyone feels entitles to someone's splits.

The other day I was watching 'Wayward Pines'. The sci-fi drama story of a town given to dictatorial governance in order to protect the human species threatened by 'Abbies'. It's a fun show.

During one episode a character was explaining what their vision was for the town and why he selected teachers, doctors, police officers and farmers. These noble professionals and civil servants were depicted in nothing but a positive light and key cornerstones of civilization.

Of course, great civilizations throughout history have existed and operated without such a criteria.

It was a curious passage and one I can't help notice structured into television and film culture.

But notice the absence of entrepreneurs. Notice the omission of the one class who provide the willingness to risk to innovate that spurn growth and jobs.

Alas, to keep in line with the progressive dogma (sometimes I wonder if it's even done wittingly. I think we're just conditioned to assume this is how it is) that it's all driven by greed looking to rape and enslave people.

It's a shallow if not ignorant view but a powerful one.

The more intelligent progressives understand it but they're the ones who insist on regulations to ensure a 'fairer playing for all'.

Of course, the idea of an enlightened society driven and governed by yeoman and civil servant dedication is a romantic one as it is wrong headed and just assumes they can't be corrupted or inept.

One man's utopia is another man's dystopia.

If we can't accept and indeed protect the idea of needing innovative ideas be propelled into action, then we're asking for trouble and have no business wondering 'wha happened'? There should be no interference nor should be beg for permission to enter voluntary exchanges for goods and services provided except to ask 'how can we facilitate or protect' your experience? And a little humility into understanding who pays their salaries and pensions can be helpful to the process.

Too often I hear of bureaucrats talk as if they're the beginning of time and essence.

No, they are not. Bureaucrats have no business determining who and what gets to live. That's called a dictatorship by other means. Besides, they don't know a quarter of what they purport to know.

In Wayward Pines, everyone is assigned a 'duty'. So if you're told to make toys, you make toys even if you don't want to.

Sound familiar?

Feudalistic and communistic, no?

The way the planners of the town are behaving - though understandable - we see how a police state must eventually collapse since it runs contrary to the human spirit. You can't keep people down and clueless for too long.

Our hunger for knowledge and freedom is just too great and eventually hits political masters like a tsunami.

The trick, I guess, is less on how to control our actions but rather how to harness and treat with care this cherished and beautiful aspect of human nature.

No one likes to be told what to do and when forced to do so, well, I suppose just sealed is the fate of the community to which we're a part of: Doom. 


Misleading Titles

Naturopath doctor.

A naturopath is not a doctor. 

They do not go through the vigorous training and education of a doctor.

They may have mastered the language of a doctor and may believe they're medical experts, but they aren't.


Hypocrisy Reigns In Presidential Race

Let me see. Since critical thinking is all the rage among people these days.


Trump says something in private 10 years ago (which is pretty much standard garbage in any locker room from high school all the way to the pros - and more on this in a second) and it's a massive issue brought to over blown proportions and is fair game for scrutiny.


Hillary's private emails - on an unsecured private server that broke the law - are not fair grounds for debate and discussion?

Methinks there's much hypocrisy in the system.

In fact, as wikileaks is showing (and the media is ignoring as they slowly close ranks with Hillary), Hillary's contempt for people is actually more impressive and shockingly breathtaking in its arrogance. No one is spared from Catholics to Latinos to Southerners.

At best, an apologist can say 'it's true' but that would make them the very sort of person progressives claims to hate, no?

It's all projection isn't it?

As for Michelle kicking in her thoughts about Trump. Perhaps a hashtag is in need here. In any event, I'm sure she asked her daughters to leave the room each time Bill entered the room, right?

I mentioned sports locker rooms. Everyone knows much vulgarity happens in locker rooms. I've been part of those myself and quite frankly to this day my friends and I continue to make crude jokes. It's a fallacy of the progressive left (now into thought control) to believe what's said will turn into action.

To hear ESPN or sports media people say things like 'I've never heard it' (in locker rooms) is so incredibly disingenuous, it's full of shit it's astonishing. Just like they never saw any steroids in MLB (it took investigative journalists and bloggers to break the scandal), they're acting like a bunch of lying cunts here.

Like political 'journalists' and talking heads, they're just worried about their access and getting invited to the right cocktail parties I reckon.

Anyway, Hillary. She's bad news.


Thursday Night Music

They're Doing Great Things With MRI Technology

You people.

Yeh. You. The ones who are calling Hillary Clinton 'inspiring' and 'competent' and 'caring'.

You need to get your heads checked.

It baffles the mind.


Movie Trailer And Music Video

Hillary, Trump, Trudeau...slim pickings for real.

Gary Johnson is the only sane choice. Really.


Presidential Debate: Hillary Is Pure Evil

Just a couple of quick takes:

1) The moderators were ridiculously bias again. From Crowley to Holt and now Anderson and the other chick, it's embarrassing and unprofessional. Trump calling them out on it was fair. Remember kids, the liberal media is a myth and part of a 'vast right-wing conspiracy'. And the calls to subdue applause for Trump but not Hillary was pretty blatant as well.

2) They overplayed what he said 11 years ago and it left him an opening to call out Bill Clinton who actually was/is a sexual predator. But again...the 'vast right-wing conspiracy' made him do it.

3) Overall, Trump did better than expected and was particularly effective in hammering her emails and foreign policy.

4) Hillary made a strange assertion when she claimed Russia isn't interested in fighting ISIS because they want to keep Assad in power. Isn't Assad fighting against ISIS? The rebels, of course, being a diverse group in fine Arabesque fashion with a few with connections to ISIS to various degrees.

The moderators were busy trying to find ways to derail Trump to notice I guess.

5) She lies. But not in a politically savvy or coy sense that's come to be accepted but in a disturbingly cavalier manner. For example, Trump said she was Secretary of State when Obama issued his 'red line' ultimatum to Syria. She brazenly replied she was gone by the time Obama made the warning. What makes this stunning is that it's easily verifiable. That she was SofS can't be disputed. Yet, there she is lying to the American population.

And she leads in the polls. Crazy.

6) Clearly, the Clintons have no soul. One is serial sexual assaulter and the other a criminal and a liar. But people pay big bucks to get these two to speak at their events and galas.

7) The saddest most astonishing thing? This vile and repugnant bag of skin is going to be President. An incorrigibly corrupted and inept woman to the core who holds the American population at large in such contempt it makes you wonder if Americans who vote for her have any self-esteem, is going to lead the world's most powerful country.

Oh, check this quality fact checking out from the broadcasting company caught in a few media faux pas in the past:

FACT CHECK: Trump says Clinton "acid washed" her email server. She did not. More fact checks:

PolitiFact @PolitiFact

Half True for Trump claim that Clinton deleted 33,000 emails after getting a subpoena http://bit.ly/2dEmmIa 

Daily Derp: Obama Fixing Messes Badly

Shallow critics of libertarian thought like to point to Somalia as some sort of example of what a libertarian society would look like. Somalia is chaos and has nothing to do with libertarian principles. Then again, these same one-dimensional statist minds deliberately confuse individualism with 'isolation' or misanthropy.

If there is any example closest to the classical liberal model it's Hong Kon.


Once again, the Trudeau liberals will put Canada on a bad financial path. The carbon price tax will cost Canadians about $2400 a year.

And for what exactly?

Oh and watch him eloquently explain the tax.

Impressive stuff right there.


It's quite remarkable to listen to people still talk about Obama as if he's 'fixing a mess' and that he's the second coming of FDR having pulled the U.S. economy out of a deep recession.

The Obama economy is anything but a success story. Among other things, the U.S. is currently in a recession.

And the country's deficit and (potentially catastrophic) unfunded liabilities remain a major concern. 

What about the stock markets? QE has kept the game going for a little while keeping interest rates low makes the markets accustomed, if not addicted, to the Fed's involvement through various schemes like bail outs and printing.

The markets are less driven by growth and more by stuff like cutting back on spending or jobs.

What about unemployment? They're right back where they were under Bush when he left office but the labor participation rate has gone up.


Speaking of Obama 'fixing a mess' we turn our attention to foreign policy.

I'm still unclear as to what exactly he fixed. Never mind Iraq for a second.

No one asked him to wage war against Libya without congressional support plunging that country into civil war or topple Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood reigns, or attempt to bomb Syria or sign a meaningless deal with Iran the country is already ignoring.

Making a mess of things isn't just through invasions. You can wreak havoc through stuff like bombing and killing Americans with drones without due process. 

If Bush's 'unilateralism' and invasion of Iraq are to forever be a negative mark on his Presidency, I don't see how Obama's own mess and ignoring of Congress is any better.

Back to Iraq. He pulled the troops out despite being warned of its possible ramifications. It has since then been posited this decision and move gave rise to ISIS. But even if we're charitable and not pin this entirely on Obama, he was made aware of ISIS's slow expansion and growing power to which he did little or nothing to counter.

It can be asserted Obama's foreign policy is worst than Bush given he was supposed to be a 'big picture, chess playing' operator.

But hey, he did get Bin Laden, right? 

To think this guy got a Nobel peace prize!

From AP:

"He is the erstwhile anti-war candidate, now engaged in more theaters of war than his predecessor. He is the commander-in-chief who pulled more than a hundred thousand U.S. troops out of harm's way in Iraq, but also began a slow trickle back in. He recoiled against full-scale, conventional war, while embracing the brave new world of drone attacks. He has championed diplomacy on climate change, nuclear proliferation and has torn down walls to Cuba and Myanmar, but failed repeatedly to broker a lasting pause to more than six years of slaughter in Syria.

If there was consensus Obama had not yet earned his Nobel Peace Prize when he received it in 2009, there's little such agreement on whether he deserves it today.

"I don't think he would have been in the speculation of the Nobel committee now, in 2016, even if he had not already won," said Kristian Berg Harpviken, director of the Peace Research Institute of Oslo, and a close watcher of the Nobel committee. Harpviken said he views Obama's foreign policy as more conventional and limited than he expected, particularly regarding his use of multilateral cooperation and institutions.

When it comes to finding new instruments for peace, he said, "Obama has been stuck in the old paradigm."


Ten most corrupt politicians in U.S. history. Guess who leads the list? Hint: It starts with a Democrat.

Just like they head the list of most incarcerated politicians by a ratio of 2:1.

But if you look closely, it's because of Republican obstructionism.


In the 'Americans have lost their minds' or 'U.S. colleges run by a bunch of Title IX psychos' file, a University of Tennessee student is accused of harassment for spelling the instructor's name wrong.

Another one of those 'messes' Obama tried to fix? I mean, he did ask schools to enforce Title IX.


Russians aren't fans of Obama.

Not that I care what they think of Obama. 

Obama may be an unimaginative, average speaking, vapid progressive but dammit! He's OUR unimaginative you know the rest.


Oh look. More example of Obama fixing a mess.

UK Parliament select sub committee eviscerates intervention in Libya.

Obama is no Ray Donovan that's for sure.


Obama must be a really bad sweeper.


"A team of top scientists is telling world leaders to stop congratulating themselves on the Paris agreement to fight climate change because if more isn't done, global temperatures will likely hit dangerous warming levels in about 35 years."

They're never going to shut the fuck about it are they?

This bunch give it 35 years.

And based on this bull shit, we're gonna come up with still more pant shitting bull shit laws, taxes and regulations.

'What? Our grant is up in five years? Make sure your targets go beyond that!'


Face palm.

Among the additional projects to get funding is a scheme aimed at ‘preventing radicalisation leading to violent extremism through music’.
 The proposal says: ‘At a time when the EU is facing many challenges, this pilot project aims to bring together young talented musicians from all 28 EU member states to bring visibility to Europe’s core values and assets, building bridges among people through classical music.

‘The pilot project will aim to reach out to the younger generation in Europe, especially those most at risk of radicalisation by bringing together through concerts and mentoring schemes young classical musicians and young people of diverse backgrounds.’
Double-triple face palm.

"Ukip MEP Paul Nuttall last night said: ‘These people obviously live in cloud cuckoo land. The Islamist hotbed of Molenbeek is just down the road from the parliament – why don’t they take their workshops there and see what difference it makes?

‘We need proper solutions so let’s get tough on the real causes of radicalisation. This patronising nonsense from the EU will only make things worse.’

No shit.

And UKIP are the 'crazy' ones, huh.


There is no more a wicked cretin than the pampered Western left-winger singing the praises of Cuba as it wallows in abject poverty and degeneration.


Who Will Pay When The Bill Comes In?

Always remember.

Today's deficits end up being tomorrow's taxes.

Wait. What? You actually thought...oh..Lol, lol, lol!

You're cute.

No. The government doesn't *pay* anything silly goose.

You pay for it!

Not their projected growths or the returns on their infrastructure *investment* or the "rich".


No one else.