Know When You're Being Played

Do you notice how whenever a conservative or Republican gets into power the left really hates shows and art works start to pop up 'resisting' the leader?

I can remember how the media portrayed Reagan as being a dumb idiot with access to the bomb. It's how we got stupid TV films like 'The Day After' which I can only imagine were created to scare the population about Reagan.

And to this day I consider the people behind that to be assholes because they scared people not to educate but to sell their narrative; to engage in propaganda.

We saw the same thing under Bush and now we have Trump and the story is repeating itself.

Progressives will counter conservative did the same thing under Obama. Yeh, to a certain extent they did and the fringe elements could go over board.

But it pales in comparison to what we see right now under Trump. I musta missed the part when the entire talk show circuit, the NBA, large segments of the media (including once proud organizations like the ACLU who are little but a mouthpiece for the DNC) went after Obama like they do Trump.

The celebrity class are especially galling in their hypocritical hubris. Bono, Springsteen, Penn, Madonna and so on.

Yeh, please. People kinda have tuned out to whatever message their trying to send because they know they're just millionaire shills for the DNC. On one end they talk about the 'masses being down on their luck' but support a party and progressive mindset that simultaneously loathes them. It's the base root of left-wing policies really. You had a Presidential candidate who called half the country 'deplorables' and they saw nothing wrong with it; mostly because they agreed with the sentiment.

And these are the people that are going to unite a country?

Come on. Get real.

It's not even close for the simple reason the left - progressives - control most entertainment mediums as well as social media.

So what you're seeing on TV or in the newspapers isn't real intellectualism or hard news. It's just a scam to scare you like TV shows that go nuclear on your emotions.

There isn't a single thing they can point to with any real proof to justify their unhinged and irresponsible behaviour.

How they could be so silent under Obama's incredibly inept, cynical and scandalous administration while losing their marbles under Trump (which started before he even got into office and did anything) is beyond me to comprehend.

Thankfully up here, Trudeau's antics are so sophomoric and ridiculously tacky, Canadians aren't that willing to fall into line defending his actions like the left did with Obama in the USA.

It started out as a claim that 'Canada is back' but Canadians realized Trudeau and the Liberals weren't bringing anything back. Rather, they were just reengineering the county in their image.

I can't but help to think and hope this will ultimately fail.


School Shootings Are Not Uniquely An American Issue

Earlier this year, my daughter's private school went into lockdown over concerns an intruder had come onto school grounds. It was a false alarm but it was nerve racking nonetheless.

As we awaited news, one thing that entered my mind was why the school didn't have security. In this day and age, I can't understand why we're willing to leave are students vulnerable in this manner. It's almost as if we want to cling to a naive world view that nothing bad is going to happen. That if we do the responsible thing and bring in protection it somehow means we're giving up our innocence.

Worse, we've come to believe school shootings are an American problem.

It's an incredibly foolish and irresponsible thing to think.

In the city of Montreal alone there have been three deadly shootings since 1989. There have been 24 in total and 13 since 1975 across Canada.

And Canada has an exploding gun violence problem.

This in a country with gun control.

By contrast, there have been 479 school shootings in the USA since 1764. With a spike, interestingly, taking place since 2000. While this is one too many obviously, this is not a problem necessarily unique to the USA. For example, the same phenomena can be observed in China strangely where elementary shootings are concerned.

In addition, there have been about 257 school shootings world wide since the 19th century.

One can argue, in a country with the second amendment and over 500 million guns in circulation by some estimates (300 millions of those registered), there's more at play here than needing stricter gun control laws.

The interesting fact about this is that it's happening in a time where gun violence is on the decline for decades now.

In fact, one can even further put forth America is nowhere near as violent as perceived.

Taking gun control for granted combined with American voyeurism has lulled us into a false sense of security. It's created a degree of cognitive dissonance disconnected us from reality. The facts don't justify any of this.

You would think people would understand it's not just about gun control.

Bad people get their hands on guns and we need to realize it's a reality. Facing this fact with gun free zones and refusing to arm our schools is immature if not beyond the pale.

Food for thought for Canadians.

*This post has been revised and updated to adjust for errors. My apologies.


Fines Are Forms Of Tyranny And Acts Of Deception

“I hope we never have to go there, we’re certainly not planning on doing that in the very near future because we are seeing some good results, but ultimately we may have to go there for certain residents who just don’t care,” McKay said.

My daughter is writing a 'persuasive argument' for English class. The question is 'Should the government fine people for not recycling'?

To me, the first instinct you should have is 'hell no' and when you consider it further, it should be 'absolutely hell no'.

Fines are acts of aggression backed up by government force. That's what they are at their root.

In the specific case of recycling, it's especially galling. In places like Toronto and California (surprise) city workers rummage through bins on private property.

It's all for the benefit of the environment, see? You do care about the environment right? So why not let us look? It'll only take a minute. It's a nice lawn you have there...violation of privacy must be tolerated.

You shouldn't have to compel anyone to do anything. If you have to force people against their will, then it brings forth the question as to how good the idea is in the first place.

If they choose to not do so, that's their choice. THIS is what it means to live in a free society.

If you must go there, come up with some sort of incentive or rewards programs. Humans respond to incentives, coercion not so much. In fact, the fact you have to rely on force to push a program should give pause. If you want to change habits, punishment is simply not effective.

Which brings me to the above quote. It takes a special kind of mindset to say what people like Jim McKay to believe their aggression to be reasoned. Nothing is more corrosive to a community - think Bastiat's dictum of the unseen - than badgering them into submission over something they may voluntarily object to.

McKay will force you to betray your principles because he's a sanctimonious bully who has deluded himself into thinking he's in some kind of moral right.

Read the article carefully. He wants fine people who don't go along with his 'natural monopoly'.

Never mind that the science of recycling is not exactly proven to be a benefit to society. Unless inspectors will be using electric cars, the pollution from ICE alone negates the whole point of the exercise it's for the environment. Sort of like how environmental ministers jet set across the globe on the taxpayer dime in airplanes fighting for 'green' projects.

 From John Tierney in the NYT in 1996:

"Environmentalists don't necessarily oppose free-market reforms for garbage -- they've supported some pay-as-you-throw systems -- but they spend much of their energy crusading for government recycling programs and regulations. They have instinctively chosen Hardin's second solution. This is partly because of their ideology -- many environmentalists trust government regulations more than market forces -- but there's also another reason. The leaders of the recycling movement derive psychic and financial rewards from recycling. Environmental groups raise money and attract new members through their campaigns to outlaw "waste" and prevent landfills from opening. They get financing from public and private sources (including the recycling industry) to research and promote recycling. By turning garbage into a political issue, environmentalists have created jobs for themselves as lawyers, lobbyists, researchers, educators and moral guardians. Environmentalists may genuinely believe they're helping the earth, but they have been hurting the common good while profiting personally, just like the village's herdsmen. This is the real Tragedy of the Dump: the waste of public funds on recycling programs, the needless public alarm about landfills."

Cui bono? indeed. And this is what makes me suspicious of people like McKay. I reject his plea; especially if it seeks to make me some kind of scofflaw despite paying TAXES. In any event, waste management tends to be, shall we say, a racket filled with cronyism - and they want you to play the game against your will. 

What forcing people into these schemes do is actually forces them into a potential time and money wasting exercise. Or as a friend put it:

"I’d take the economics utility argument. If the recycled substance is not even profitable for the private sector to recycle, and the hazard of not recycling the substance is not demonstrable, then you are left with a situation where the government is forcing people to recycle at an economic loss that costs the taxpayer excess money, with potential for additional consequence of introducing unnecessary bureaucratic and administrative costs that are intractable to recall. Government mandated unprofitable recycling for inert materials only achieves the goal of lining the pockets of government crony enterprises and satisfying the moral righteousness of do-gooders and feels."

What's the trade-off? If you look at the over-ambitious climate change proposals, most come at the expense of two things: Growth and personal liberties. 

Don't be swayed with vague 'we have to start somewhere' and 'it's for the common good' arguments. Those are just emotional ploys and pleas to get you to submit. They do this by playing on your guilt. Just like how some religions do. Funny, eh? The hubris of politicians and activists is staggering when you think of it. They want you to believe you're the problem, and because it's human-driven this suggests we can 'fix' it. And by fixing they get to dole out the contracts and profit - off your backs.

If they rely on more sober, reliable science, they know they can't sucker you because it wouldn't support their claims. 

In any event, we can go on and on about why this is a terrible idea. 

The further erosion of civil liberties first among them.

And oh, to McKay I have a more direct thought: Fuck off, slaver.


I would also invite people to stop listening to people on TV. 

Because you get a lot of impostors feeding you unhealthy pseudo-intellecual gunk:

Evidence collected over many years, obtained from many locations, indicates that the power of Prayer is insufficient to stop bullets from killing school children.


Trudeau Liberals Are A Sanctimonious Bunch Of Know-Nothing Blowhards Who Can't Answer Simple Questions

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MOMG. These questions about Butt’s tweets are the dumbest line of questioning I can ever recall an official opposition pursuing in 13 years of watching this place. 

You know. Me and Akin must be seeing two different kinds of Parliament. All I've seen is amateur hour on the part of the Liberals with their performances in Parliament. Akin can't possibly think in his 13 years this is a government that respects Parliament with their most unbecoming trait of not answering questions. Worse than that, Trudeau is not even good at it. He's clunky and awkward and without much depth. He's uninspiring and puerile. He's not Prime Minsisterial at all.

But thanks for letting us know where - OMG! - you stand. At least we're slowly getting to see that the claim the media is 'objective' is a lie.

And what kind of professional mocks a question some of us want answers to because a high ranking official did call citizens 'Nazis'. After all, Trudeau is the one that said something incredibly stupid and sanctimonious with his 'mansplaining people kind' quip?

How dare you take this stance as a journalist? 

The PM claimed it was a Rebel media smear. Hm, did the Rebel Media hack Butts' account?  And Akin thinks it doesn't deserve grilling in Parliament? This two twits travel on OUR behalf and on OUR dime and yet they feel it's okay to call people who disagree with them 'alt-right' Nazis? 

Own it Butts and Trudeau. Justin wasn't joking. He was serious and you Mr. Butts have a lot of nerve and much to answer for. Particularly engaging in immature SJW rhetoric without thought to what Nazism actually is. How am I not to come away with the thought you're an ignoramus? 

The lesson to take from this joke being torqued by Infowars and other alt-right nazi friends of the Rebel is they're paying attention. Game on, .

Who is this clown? The arrogance is shocking.
The way it works, Gerry, is you show deference to the people of Canada. And you do that by showing us respect. Not mocking and calling them names. If you think I'm going to respect you after this, think again pal.
We're all 'alt-right Nazis' now.

Let's recap this ordeal wholly created by the PM's childish lack of judgment:

1) Justin makes dumb comment.
2) People react. World makes fun of him.
3) Claims it's a joke.
4) Some guy named Butts attacks citizens with an ad hominen when answers are demanded.
Throw the bums out in 2019.


A Question

Question: If celebrities and politicians protect themselves with guns, if we protect our money (banks and Brinks) with guns, if we protect so much stuff with guns why in the world aren't we protecting kids with guns?  

The way I see it, teachers should have Active shooting training of some kind. There's nothing wrong with that at all. Designate a person or two with knowing the guns are and get rid of 'gun free zones' and give the children a fighting chance.

For crying out loud, our Sargent-At-Arms Kevin Vickers killed - with one clean shot -  a terrorist in Parliament potentially saving lives. Why is that any different?

People who are calling for (more) gun control if not full confiscation not only are asking the wrong questions and have it backward, but also exhibit a misunderstanding of human nature on a fundamental level.

The other thing irrational part of gun control/confiscation (aside from it being illegal where the 2A is concerned) is that people want to take away registered guns from lawful and peaceful citizens (numbering around 310 million guns) without a thought to unregistered guns estimated around 250 million.

Where's the humane logic in that?

I think Americans on the left need to chill and knock it off with the hyperbole every single time a horrific tragedy takes place. This 'the NRA has blood on its hands' is not only unproductive, but ignorant as well.

RIP to the victims and their families in Florida.

I can't even imagine.


The Canadian Media Still Silent On Trudeau's Despicable Claim Comparing ISIS Reintegration With Italian (and Greek and Portuguese) Immigration And Discrimination Faced

The media has yet to comment on Trudeau's offensive comments comparing ISIS reintegration with Italian, Greek and Portuguese immigration in the post-war era. I discussed this in a previous post.

What's amazing is my circle of friends and family hadn't heard about it until I mentioned it.

Thanks for nothing CBC (binding Canadians my ass) and all other major networks.

I guess it's true you can't insult a protected class.

Obama (And Trudeau) Are Gif Machines

On Obama's portrait.

Well, if you're gonna hire mediocre SJW artists based on race rather than competence, hey man, don't be surprised at the result and subsequent, erm, criticisms.

But of course, racism if you don't feign joy for the paintings.

To me, they seem to bland and uninspiring. Just hollow images of a subject with banal intellectualism. Much like his Presidency.

It's only fitting Homer Simpson is used. It does kinda exemplify how he managed the Presidency.

Worse than that, and far more troubling. The artist Kehinde Wiley is basically nothing more than a racist posing as painter. Don't believe me? Check his 'art' out with a black woman holding the head of a severed white person. Could you image a white President hiring such an artist only reversing the content? Cripes, the riots in the streets and media would last for weeks.

Wiley is an insignificant player in the wider scope of things but do yourself a favor and look him up. Then try and square this as to why Obama settled on a guy who described his works as a kind of play on the 'kill whitey thing.' And they say Western art is dead!

 That Obama would select him says a lot about him. None of it good. Obama knew exactly what he was doing; just like he did with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and his spying activities.

What's especially sickening about the Obamas is they go out there and smile and lecture about unity and peace all the while coyly engaging in class and race warfare through their under-handed decisions and actions. Look at it:

Folks. Obama is telling you indirectly where he stands. Hello.

Hey whatever. It's not like Democrat American Presidents weren't racist right? If we're comfortable with the fact Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson were racists, then it's perhaps time for people accept Obama is equal to the task on the other side? And if Trump is considered racist merely by who he associates with (though I don't know who; a better claim is Trump has a preponderance to protect men accused of sexual assault which makes me wonder if there's some projection there), how in the world do the Obamas get a pass given a) they're own rhetoric and b) who they hung out with?

And that's fine. Just be open about it. I get they wanted to give some power to African-Americans given the history. However, they didn't do it with grace as been claimed. How can you be a graceful bigot?

I won't even bother with Michelle. Meh.

I will say this though. She too is obsessed with race. During her speech unveiling her, erm, painting, she said 'girls and girls of colour' would be (something along the lines of) inspired by. I wondered why divide girls that way? Why not just girls? It's just the way she's wired and the country is better off without this nonsense now. Here's more on Michelle's shallow world view. 

Like Trudeau here, they're just a drag on the morale of things.

Stop Enabling Your Children; Citizens

You can't protect forever.

Or else....

DNC Head Dines With Farrakhan And Iranian President

So. Lemme see. Trump is a racity racist even though we've never seen reports of him actually hanging out with any (unless you count Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton), but Keith Ellison have dinner and a chat with Farrakhan and the Iranian President (still the enemy of the USA) is totes okay!?

Man oh man are the DNC (and Liberal party up here in Canada) really pushing the wrong buttons, eh?


Media Is Not Out For The Truth

They manufacture a version of it.

We're watching right before our eyes the media  insult our intelligence about North Korea basically to stick it to Trump.

Gee, I wonder the last time the media stood against America and American values. Hm. Lemme think.

Why, maybe like they did during WWII or with communism in the Soviet Union?

Hey, why it's like history is repeating itself!

Liberals sure love them some Haiti, Che and Castro, eh?

And they give each other shitty awards for their brave efforts.

Bloody disgrace.

The Left And Liberal Media Are Intellectually And Morally Broken.

Replying to @washingtonpost
You're doing a disservice to Kim.  Please don't equate with Ivanka.

I saw this tweet at The Washington Post gushing over some North Korean woman (what else is new with  the liberal media? It's not like they haven't fawned over murderous regimes and  figures in the past, right?) and could but nod in disapproval. They're so filled with irrational blind rage over Trump they don't care if it comes at the expense of truth or just plain proper perspective. They just have a visceral and animus hatred for him and that's that. So much so, they're willing to put North Korea ahead of him on the respect scale. What more proof does one need the media is, quite frankly, enemies of the people with their seditious behaviour? Indeed, it's a little beyond irresponsible now. It's just plain an intellectual and moral break down. A manic response to a result they can't abide by with and they will scratch, claw and lie at will if they have to.

No wonder they seek solace in the absurd from Marxism to trendy diets to specious medical remedies. God and the West simply stands diametrically opposed to their dilapidated world view.

To Susan, Ivanka is worse than any leader representing a derelict, murderous regime that starves its people. It's likely she thinks U.S. sanctions forces North Korea to act like it does.

All that's left is for some smug backward thinking progressive celebrity - hello Kimmel! - to fly over to North Korea and say all is a-otay! Perhaps sends up pictures with you holding up an exotic drink as you jack off in a place carefully selected and staged by the commies.

This is where we're at people. They choose North Korea over Trump.

Useful idiots are always in full supply. We may never reach peak derp so long as we have the progressive left swallowing whole boatloads of propaganda cum.

They don’t realize as they jerkoff in the labyrinth of their musings, it always ends up in one place: Cummunism.

As for that Nork chick that the media fawned over (because she gave Pence the stink eye see. So she's totes awesome), she scares the living hell out of me.

She looks like the sort of girl who orders an ice-cream sundae with extra cherries and then goes to a spot torture session for the heck of it.

There's something deeply creepy about her.

From CBS:

"If the murder of Kim Yo Jong’s brother occurred as believed, it’s likely the “captivating” Ms. Kim knew about it. When she’s not being celebrated by the press for giving a “deadly side eye” to Vice President Mike Pence (a Twitter comment by the Washington Post’s Philip Bump he later deleted), Kim Yo Jong oversees propaganda for the public executioners of the North Korean government.
“A key part of the North Korean system of enslaving people is total control of the media, of the information people are allowed to consume there,” says Korea expert Ethan Epstein. “She is the director of the department that oversees it. If there is the perfect poster person for the war on the North Korean people’s psyche being waged by the Kim regime, it’s Kim Yo Jong.”

The Democrat news outlets (someone called it DemOps outlets) masquerading as objective journalists (hello Katie Couric!) did their best to frame the whole ordeal as if the Norks are extending an olive branch and that we're witnessing a great moment of openness and peace.

Yeah. I vomitted too after I laughed so hard.

Trudeau A Danger To Canada; Time For People To Wake Up And Cease Being Useful Idiots Over Russia

An article on why Trudeau is more dangerous than Trump (though I don't subscribe to the notion Trump is a danger to American politics). Trudeau on the other hand...he's definitely problematic.

I fall into the category of having known precisely what Trudeau was about and made it clear on this blog well before election night.

Trudeau left a trail of stupid, vapid, faux pas well before his election and it's baffling how people chose to ignore this. I *get* the whole 'weary of Harper' angle but at the very least Canadians would have been wise to at least give this twit a minority government if anything to keep him honest.

As for Trump, here's a great interview with Fred Siegel on Spiked! Online and the complete bust of modern progressivism in dealing with the masses they so deride.


Speaking of progressivism, at this point if you still believe in the whole fabricated Russia narrative conjured up by criminal elements within the cynical DNC, give your head a shake.

When you have progressives like Jimmy Dore and now The Nation - not to mention liberal journalists like Glenn Greenwald coming around to the sad reality Obama's administration was corrupted (Intelgate is much worse than Watergate. Never mind that Obama was all about Obama first and not the country. Politico ran a great story about his shenanigans in the Iran deal. A President that fully deserves to be fully investigated and revised where necessary), it's time to stop the spinning and own it.

If you're still digging your heels, just stop.

It's over.

The question now becomes, just how deep did this go, will Obama and Hillary explain their actions and perhaps face justice.