The Hypocritical Elitist Stupidity Of The DNC

So, the Democrat party unveiled it's new slogan.

'Better deal, better skills, better wages.'

Someone got paid for this.

It's interesting to note everything they stand for actually hurts the working and middles classes.

Obamacare didn't improve the average person's health insurance. It lowered the quality and increased prices substantially. And it's always worth noting how minimum wage (outside it's original racist roots) freezes low-skilled workers and kids out of the labour force. Do we have to also remind it was Bill Clinton and the Democrats who signed NAFTA impacting small town America XYZ? They called it progress but this is supposed to be the 'working man's' party.

I don't know if anyone noticed but the DNC is anything but.

All they are at this point is a party for the progressive elite with failed and stagnant left-wing ideas, ideals and policies.

They want to help the 'deplorables', eh?

So why to they want to review the Amazon-Whole Foods deal?

This is an incredible development in the age of internet business as it gives millions access to a company with limited locations that caters mostly to the well to-do.

Just what you want, the likes of Pelosi and Schumer speaking for those icky people.

Right off the bat, their slogan doesn't square with their actions.

Which makes them, well, full of shit.


Join The Dark Side

Hey man, are you spinning around dazed and confused wondering what in the fuck your progressive left-wing friends and family are yapping on about like a bunch of crazed, hysterical loons? Tired of having to listen to the apocalyptic left cackle on and on about how we're racist and all gonna die because of climate change and how shitty we are as a civilization because of Trump, the lack of diversity, slavery, killing Indians (Natives), not paying people a living wage and that we're all misogynistic racists who do nothing but make crude, churlish jokes while giving the Hitler salute and Mussolini raised chin?

I know I've grown tired of listening to all the pitter patter of ignorance from the left as they brand us all enemies of the state. If they could mark us for death they would.

Die denier!

Well, if you're weary and afraid (likely because they cut you from Facebook. Quite frankly, you're richer for it) come to our side.

The classical liberal  side. Which happens to include libertarians and conservatives who remain the only adults in the room.

We're smarter, more informed and far, far, friendlier and we won't unfriend you for your beliefs or positions. Doing so is anti-humanist and anti-intellectual and points to a shallow and superficial mindset. We accept your thoughts and ideas even if we may disagree. The exchange of ideas and free discourse is the essence of intellectual development.

Leave the swamp. They're not right in the head at the moment.

Come to pristine waters.

We're just....better.


Quote Of The Day

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble. finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy."

Ernest Benn.

*I would add doubling down on the wrong remedy when it's discovered it doesn't lead to the desired results.


Killing Coal Will Cut Growth: A Trade Off Canadians Willing To Take?

According to a CFIB survey, 76% of Quebecers think the government should phase out coal-generated electricity by 2030 in order to transition to renewable energy. The number was 45% across Canada.

That's one mozzarella rice ball hanging out there.

Interestingly, since it's published by the CFIB these are mostly small business owners who think this should be a policy.

Here's the problem as far as I can tell. Coal is the essence of our economies. Setting target dates are problematic since we don't know if renewables are capable of replacing and improving coal-centric power. By all accounts, they're not. And certainly not within 13 years.

Did they consider the loss in growth and possibly our standard of living by forcing such a transition?

Quebec is particularly in a pickle. We're already an economy struggling with little disposable income while our production and growth lag most of the provinces. What keeps this province moving along is hydro-electricity and other natural resources because we sure as hell not an innovator or attracting world class talent to our shores.

If there's one thing we're learning from countries trying to push the green economy is that a) it's taking longer than first thought and with great costs, b) it's better to let private hands naturally develop it and c) emerging economies aren't justifiably interested.


Canada's 150th Celebration A Dud

Someone asked me what I did on Canada Day and thought of the 150th celebration.

To the former, I stayed home with the family as the weather was doing its best to keep us guessing and to the latter, it was a dud.

And it was a dud because what little I caught of the celebration on TV in Ottawa and other places including Montreal it was more of that empty nationalism on full display.

Never mind of the lame and awkward presentations and speeches - usually laced with the usual and tiresome diversity stuff. Increasingly, the Liberals are embracing this over played 'we took land from the Natives look how cool we are trying to guilt you into accepting whatever it is we're trying to be cool about.

There was no grand, unifying message of Canada; of being Canadian. It's hard to have one when the government gave Khadr $10 million for being a terrorist. Talk about raining down on a celebration. How can you be proud when your government apologizes to a family who have made their feelings clear about what they think of this country?

Who am I kidding? I despise the Liberals and their progressive agenda.

As if that bit of pooping wasn't enough, there was more of that 'we celebrate Canada without whites' the left have come to enjoy. Justin, for his part,  was at his typical superficial, hyper politically-correct, banal-self yapping on about a *vision* of Canada (while forgetting a province in the process) that seems to be his only because clearly many Canadians ain't biting. Particularly if the turn out on Parliament Hill is any indication. You would think, if not for symbolism, 150 000 people would show up instead it's been reported 25 000 did.

This is what you get when you beat down the majority trying to make us feel guilty for whatever social justice cause du jour. Of course, this is spun as people being 'xenophobic' and calling them names like we saw in the U.S. when Hillary tagged some of her own compatriots as 'deplorables'.

She wanted to lead despite such contempt for a segment of the population? Absurd and preposterous.

It's all so tiresome.

And pathetic. All this.

Canadians have noticed.

150th? I enjoyed with my family. My ode to the Canadian identity. It's all we've got at the moment while the government engages in SJW nonsense.


The UK Has Lost Its Way

See this story of Charlie being stopped by the bureaucracy from seeking treatment abroad?

Pure. Evil.

But hey. Public health is compassionate, right?

It's the opposite.

A family should not have to fight the government to save their child. The government should step the fuck out of the fucken way. 

Alas, this has less to do with the child and more about assholes not wanting to look bad. Place in hell...


Quote Of The Day

"I hope Canadians take away two things today: Our rights are not subject to the whims of the government of the day, and there are serious costs when the government violates the rights of its citizens," [Justice Minister] Wilson-Raybould added."

Remarkable stuff.

This from the party who want to criminalize criticizing Islam and are open to cracking down on hate speech laws. Never mind laws on drugs, gun control, excessive taxes etc.
Moreover, the Canadian government apologized to Khadr.

The Liberals, as usual, don't speak for me.