Robert E. Lee's Ironic Ghost Reveals Contradictions And Concerns About Removing History

History is a bitch.

We all know this.

So let's move from this basic point of reference.

I can understand why blacks are offended by Confederate statues in America. I'd be a tad annoyed as well if I had to look up at dudes who fought to keep me in chains.

It may be a part of history but it doesn't mean someone has to be reminded every time they go out to the grocery store.

Fine lines of respect and all that.

On the other hand, there's something to be said of erasing history too. That the south fought for its rights as they saw it is an integral and intricate part of the American experience. It can't be erased, ignored or forgotten.

Then comes the unfortunate inevitable problem when it comes to sanitizing history. Historical figures tend to be painted with one broad brush when not deserved.

Robert E. Lee is one such figure. For example, he was morally opposed to slavery and dedicated his life to helping blacks integrate during the Reconstruction Era.

Does he really deserve to be targeted? He strikes me as the wrong target. Is he that much worse than Lenin in Seattle? Now there's a movie 'Lenin in Seattle'.


I don't think so. His statue is far more offensive and problematic given his ideology murdered millions.

On any intellectual, moral and political scale Lenin is totes worse than Lee.

Either way, it points to a potentially bigger problem.

It won't stop at Confederate symbols as the incident vandalizing Christopher Columbus's bust/statue showed recently. Or to a more grotesque extreme, the outright destruction of historical artifacts like was the case with Sweden and Viking relics.

It's more about taking out parts of history we don't agree with.

And that's a Pandora's Box best not be opened.

A Woman Did Die

What a sad, sordid mess.

This Charlottesville.

To the point Heather Heyer lost her life.

I may be hard on the progressive left from a strict intellectual and moral stand point but I do not wish death upon them for their beliefs.

I may ridicule and shame but never call for murder.

The thing for about this incident is it hurts conservatives more as they found themselves scrambling to stay away from 'Unite the right'. Setting aside all the nuances of the facts (and I'm still not convinced only one side is to be blamed), this incident could do damage to the conservative movement hence the reaction. I can understand why but it's over done in my view.

Time for people to just chill a bit.

It's not worth losing a child over.

Quote Of The Day: Evildoers

"...The imagination and the spiritual strength if Shakespeare's evildoers stopped short of a dozen corpses. Because they had no ideology.

Ideology - that is what gives evildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evil doer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others' eyes, so that he won't hear reproaches and curses but will receive praise and honors. That was how the agents of the Inquisition fortified their wills: By invoking Christianity; the conquerers of foreign lands, by extolling the grandeur of their Motherland; the colonizers, by civilization; the Nazis; by race; and the Jacobins (early and late), by equality, brotherhood, and the happiness of future generations.

Thanks to ideology, the twentieth century was fated to experience evildoing on a scale calculated in the millions. This cannot be denied, not passed over, nor suppressed. How then, so we dare insist that evildoers do not exist? Ans was that destroyed these millions? Without evildoers there would have been no Archipelago."

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago p 174.

I think we all know which ideology he's referring to.


Islamic Terrorism Is Real And Demands More Serious Efforts And Attention

I can but once again agree with O'Neil here:

"And yet after Barcelona, as is the case after every Islamist attack, there has been an awkward, shuffling silence in left and liberal circles. There is media coverage, of course. Lots of it, as there should be. There are condemnations and offers of solidarity with Barcelona, and so on. That’s all good. But politics? Anger? A demand that we recognise the gravity of the threat posed by Islamists and get together to do something about it? Calls for confrontation with Islamist movements, demands that we ‘Punch an Islamist’, in the same way American leftists have promoted ‘Punch a Nazi’? No.

On the contrary, we are encouraged to be sad about Islamist attacks but never active in relation to them. ‘Don’t look back in anger.’ Consider how swiftly the Manchester barbarism has drifted from Britain’s national consciousness. It wasn’t even three months ago, and yet this slaughter of 22 pop fans by a man who subscribed to an ideological worldview that is as ugly, if not uglier, as that spouted by American white nationalists is fading from national memory. That is a direct consequence of the cowardly, apolitical, even anti-political climate that is always cultivated after Islamist attacks: we are always invited to ‘move on’ because dwelling on such extremist violence would raise too many awkward questions."

Attacking whites and the President is totes more important in their identity politics gulag.

How retarded is it? Wolf wondered if it was a C'Ville copy cat.

Fools, knaves and useful idiots.

Islamic terrorism is real and needs attention.

We can do this without the left.

Anitfa Are Not Kind Humanists

Antifa doesn't speak for you nor are they peaceful , care for justice or are kind. 

When it comes to violent rhetoric, nothing beats what I read on left-wing websites. So brazenly arrogant on numerous occasions Democrat politicians and prominent people have called for Trump's assassination. Of course, they were just 'joking' I'm sure.

My advice to those attacked by SJW is to stand your ground, never give in and for the love of God NEVER APOLOGIZE.

Their intellectual degeneracy knows no bounds.

This Will Not End At Confederate Symbols

This exercise of removing symbols and statues is about as petty and ahistory as one can get.

This is all driven not by righteousness or the need to 'make right' but rather in left-wing ideologues usurping history in order to erase the parts that don't fit their views and narratives.

The revolution manifests itself in many ways and this is one of them.

Some people get it though.

I've been doing some reading and researching on some of the personalities and figures of the Confederacy. There's more than meets the eye and it's certainly not as depicted by these bozos.

For a group of people who believe themselves to be nuanced, they sure know how to be cement heads with a myopic outlook.

Remove away.

But if you are naive and flippant enough to think this is a rational undertaking that will stop at this you're sadly mistaken. They will go after whatever is perceive to be 'evil' by their definitions and standards. And it's not just statues it's language as well as we see with gender pronouns and the recent spat about replacing 'thy sons command' here in Canada.

Confederates today.

Who tomorrow?

Comment at Legal Insurrection:

I’m deeply saddened by the current attacks on Confederate monuments. Take for example the Virginia monument at Gettysburg. Those men – I’d venture to say none of them slave owners – stepped forward on a hot July 3rd afternoon when their commander called, “Up, men, and to your posts!” They crossed nearly a mile of open field into the deadly fire of several determined brigades of Pennsylvania infantry not to mention Battery A, 4th U.S. Artillery, under the command of 22-year-old Alonzo Cushing firing double-shotted canister into their ranks.

That monument salutes their bravery, their dedication to duty and honor, and within a couple of generations their grandchildren served in Europe with the same dedication. Can we not salute them? Can we not appreciate their fortitude and determination without embracing the evil of slavery?
I would argue that, yes, we can be proud of these men. Their history should be taught to our children and the fact that this country can produce men such as these should make us proud and should cause our enemies to think twice before confronting us."

UPDATED: What did I tell you? One day after I wrote this some fool at The Guardian makes his play to topple Nelson.

The left are out to erase and rewrite history. Don't let them.

The real resistance begins.


It Won't Stop At Confederate Monuments

I'm no a fan of removing (erasing) history to fit modern sensibilities and narratives because those are always rooted in an irrational and emotional calculus. And paranoid as this story from Legal Insurrection shows. NYC is scared of subway tiles that resemble the Confederate flag.

My biggest concern is it won't stop at 'Confederate' statues. When you give a pig a chair, they'll want to get on the table.

The progressive left will move on to all sorts symbols and people who they disagree with. No one is safe. Dollar bills, Memorials, you name it. If they get a whiff of someone they hate, it's game over because they're evil censorious asshole.

History isn't safe.

Well, Marxists, communists and socialists are safe. Lenin is totes awesome in Seattle.

Quite frankly you're not paying attention and are naive if you think it will stop at Confederate monuments.

Welcome to the dark age folks.

Since We're On The Subject Of Revising History: Lenin Monument In Seattle Is Pretty Offensive

The left have opened a Pandora's Box they will never be able to close.

In setting its sights on the removal of Confederate symbols, they left themselves open to other groups demanding monuments of the left be removed.

Latest one?

The right want a statue in Lenin removed in Seattle.

I was surprised a city would honour a communist - an ideology that killed tens of millions. But then I saw it was Seattle.


Robert E. Lee or Lenin.

If you were asked who would you remove?

I know who I'd choose.

So the left want to sanitize the history of America but Lenin is totes cool?



Here's what our moral virtue signalling masters are saying following the defeat of the uncivilized world by the champions of freedom and justice!


"Just deserts was served. We need to crack us more heads." Mark Zuckerberg.

'I can't believe we won! It's 1946 (1945?) all over again!'  Rachel Maddow.

"Now we just need to assassinate Trump. Kidding! Not kidding! Kidding" Democrat official.

"After eight years of living in a peaceful utopia of racial harmony where whiteys were kept in check under Obama, I cry for my country now that a racist pig is in power' Lebron James.

"We kicked butt. Wooo!" Antifa teenager.

"I'm proud of you all. I feel tingly." Chris Mathews.

"We need to do like me and resign as citizens as long as Trump is in power! Who's with me!" Ken Frazier.

"I think we learned that love and hugs conquers all even though sometimes we need a bad to do it" Katy Perry.

"Trump doesn't diverse enough and doesn't know how to toe our line". Anonymous

"There's nothing BLM and Antifa can't achieve. We're the sweet amalgamation of Sanders and Obama ushering a new gulag." Anita.

Antifa Didn't Beat Nazism

As you can tell, it's getting harder and harder to keep calm with the utter madness surrounding us.

I thought by now cooler heads would start entering the public foray thus freezing out illiberal forces.

It's actually getting worse. What's the count on Democrats calling on Trump's assassination?

Did we see a single public official or prominent person in the public sphere ever call for Obama's assassination or make a movie depicting such an act in the eight years he was in power?

This fabricated notion of Antifa comparing itself to WWII soldiers is one that really grates. It's despicable as it points directly to the fact they make up facts about history.

Anitfa is an illiberal group of thuggish misfits who society didn't ask for their help. They're the very classic definition of fascism. All they're missing is a color code.

I'll be damned if I sit by and watch them make such false and insipid claims.

Antifa can't beat Nazism or fascism.

It's impossible to win in shadow boxing.

Things We've Learned From Charlottesville

The left are allowed to provoke and use violence.
They're attacking speech they don't like because it offends them.
Democrats keep calling for Trump's assassination.
The liberal media lies at alarming rate to set a narrative.

All because the reading comprehension of people freaking out is frighteningly low. Examine what Trump said.

It doesn't justify the hysteria. Keep in mind, people lost their minds when he dared refer to 'Western civilization' during a speech in Poland. If you recall, that's a dog whistle term among the left.

If you're buying into this propaganda all I can do is point the fact you're a useful idiot.

No, Antifa didn't defeat Nazism. How can an organization defeat itself? 

CFL Virtue Signals With Its Diversity Of Strength Program

I just can't keep up anymore.


I think the better word you clowns should be gunning for is pluralism. Diversity as currently being used is discriminatory. Odd though that the one group escaping their role in this mess are the opposite of 'diversity is strength' as they don't accept diversity of ideas. 

But, since people are idiots it looks like:

All Trump said was....

"...egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides.” 

That's it. Monster! 

Aside from personally agreeing with this (Antifa is a bunch of illiterate thugs), this somehow was twisted to mean he supports white supremacists. After the media lied and pumped up the masses who I think have a reading comprehension level of a tick, he adjusted:

"I’m in Washington today to meet with my economic team about trade policy and major tax cuts and reform. We are renegotiating trade deals and making them good for the American worker, and it’s about time. The economy is now strong. The stock market continues to hit record highs, unemployment is at a 16-year low, and businesses are more optimistic than ever before. Companies are moving back to the United States and bringing many thousands of jobs with them. We have already created over one million jobs since I took office.
We will be discussing economic issues in greater detail later this afternoon, but based on the events that took place over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia, I would like to provide the nation with an update on the ongoing federal response to the horrific attack and violence that was witnessed by everyone. I just met with FBI director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The Department of Justice has opened a civil-rights investigation into the deadly car attack that killed one innocent American and wounded 20 others. To anyone who acted criminally in this weekend’s racist violence, you will be held accountable. Justice will be delivered.
As I said on Saturday, we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of bigotry, hatred, and violence. It has no place in America. And as I have said many times before, no matter the color of our skin, we all live under the same laws; we all salute the same great flag; and we are all made by the same almighty God. We must love each other, show affection for each other, and unite together in condemnation of hatred, bigotry, and violence. We must discover the bonds of love and loyalty that bring us together as Americans. Racism is evil, and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans. We are a nation founded on the truth that all of us are created equal. We are equal in the eyes of our creator, we are equal under the law, and we are equal under our constitution. Those who spread violence in the name of bigotry strike at the very core of America.
Two days ago, a young American woman, Heather Heyer, was tragically killed. Her death fills us with grief and we send her family our thoughts, our prayers, and our love. We also mourn the two Virginia state troopers who died in service to their community, their commonwealth, and their country. Troopers H. Jay Cullen and Berke Bates exemplify the very best of America, and our hearts go out to their families, their friends, and every member of American law enforcement. These three fallen Americans embody the goodness and decency of our nation. In times such as these, America has always shown its true character, responding to hate with love, division with unity, and violence with an unwavering resolve for justice. As a candidate, I promised to restore law and order to our country, and our federal law-enforcement agencies are following through on that pledge. We will spare no resource in fighting so that every American child can grow up free from violence and fear. We will defend and protect the sacred rights of all Americans, and we will work together so that every citizen in this blessed land is free to follow their dreams in their hearts and to express the love and joy in their souls.
Thank you. God bless you, and God bless America."
What more do you fucking want from the guy?
Too little, too late! We emotionally have decided you're a racist and you're original post was what you really believe!

The CFL's program is just another latest example in virtue signalling on the back of a lie. 

The campaign was born out of the events of Charlottesville as if it was a symbol of how America and Trump think. It's irrational as it is absurd. Once again, this notion that the violence was one-way is not acceptable. One side, however you hate their message, had the right to freedom of assembly. The other went there to disrupt it. Both were prepared to fight. There was a tragic event. But let's fool ourselves into thinking Antifa wasn't looking to provoke. They are every bit as culpable in what happened.

If, Mr. Ambroise, two of your players partook in a fight, you would not look to fault one person. You would seek to, justifiably, send a message that it's never appropriate to fight. We are just as hard on the provoker as we are on the person who retaliates.

So why would you not apply this basic, common sense of justice in Charlottesville?

You're being daft at best and disingenuous at worst if you choose to stubbornly cling to the notion that one group is at fault. You can't single them out for their ideas anymore we can any other group for if we do, well, I'll let you think about that.

While we're at it, why don't you go and dig a little and go take a look at Wes Bellamy's background.

Trump never ever said anything remotely that would suggest America become one nation under a white God.

Like the Russia narrative, the racist one is a disgusting act of libel without proof. 

Here's the problem. Antifa is not interested in diversity. It's interested in instilling its own totalitarian brand of social justice. Diversity is not strength to them in case anyone is, you know, FUCKING PAYING ATTENTION including, looks like, the commissioner of the CFL. 

What's happening in classrooms, campuses and board rooms everywhere is unconcionable and anti-humanist. 

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie made his political play. I disagree with it morally and intellectually. The concept of 'diversity' is discriminatory at its roots.

Above all, this posturing suggests racial harmony was the rule under the Obama administration. It wasn't. There was racial unrest; one in which he did not move to quell or calm choosing instead to capitalize on it politically.

Lemme ask you Randy. Are you not at all concerned about the coming anti-free speech laws the Liberals propose?  

No one I ever met - NOBODY - claims to be anti-diversity anymore no one actually accepts what 200  dumbass white supremacists think. You're just piling onto something that is just not a true reflection of what's happening.


No more CFL for me.


Durant And Lebron Pile On


"I feel ever since he’s got into office, or since he ran for the presidency, our country has been so divided and it’s not a coincidence. When [Barack] Obama was in office, things were looking up."

Things were looking up?

Under Obama?

What planet is this guy on? America was sharply divided under Obama and he deliberately kept it that way with his divisive rhetoric.

Durant kept up the lie about Trump: I don't agree with what he agrees with.


Reading comprehension. How does it fucken work? 

All I'm going to say is if an athlete said, 'I don't respect the man in office' during Obama's reign of splendid mediocrity and racial divide (Obama did his part to give Antifa encouragement), the media would have howled like the little whiny bitches they are.

Remember Tim Thomas? Remember when he refused to go to the White House because he disagreed with Obama and he was chastised and called a racist?

So explain to me how Durant and Lebron get a pass.

Go ahead.

I'm listening.

Wolf Blitzer Is An Asshole

CNN and MSNBC aren't covering Barcelona to focus on....Trump's comments.

Shitheads. Morally bankrupted pieces of shits. Fake news without a doubt.

Wolf asks if the terrorists attack in Barcelona was a Charlottesville copycat. Either Wolf is that stupid and ignorant or he's a lying piece of shit to keep to a narrative.

Neither are good.

Because people walking innocently on a street is totes the same as Antifa trouble makers looking to provoke others.

Go fuck yourself Wolf and all your racist, ignorant, immoral, race-baiting, pompous asshole colleagues. 

Confederate Symbols Today, Jefferson Memorial Tomorrow

Mark it.

As Antifa and the slow march of cultural Marxism moves ahead, wouldn't surprise me one day they turn their ire onto the foundations of America.

They've made clear their loathing of 'old dead white slave owners' so it's not a stretch. They're gripped by the 'ills of the past' and perceived belief the white West hasn't atoned. Capitalism has to be purged.

Think white supremacists are scary? They have nothing on Antifa and similar groups.

Supremacists don't have remotely the influence Antifa and the left have to impact freedom negatively. It's a no contest really.

How can a group of people with so much hate for their country - civilization - not end up turning on its founders and the Constitution?

You think you're safe? Think again pal. Russians thought they were safe too under Stalin.

This is the face of modern progressivism.

Welcome to your intellectual gulag.

Who Is Wes Bellamy?

Oh. Here's a surprise.

A sorry excuse for a human being. And racist as hell to boot! Blacks can't be racist my butt.

As for those two officers killed in a helicopter crash, it wasn't in Charlottesville. 

But that doesn't stop the media from claiming 'three killed in Charlottesville riots'.


Trump Must Stand His Ground

Once again, the irrational jackals looking for their pound of blood and flesh have pounced.

This time they're outraged! OUTRAGED! That the President had the temerity to point out both sides contributed to the violence in Charlottesville.

How dare he!

Of course, to those of us not robbed of our senses, he's correct.

Here's a simple calculation for the dimwitted virtue signallers to grasp:

-Fractured rag-time bunch of supremacists with no political power and no hope of growing its base gain a permit to assemble as is their right.
-Antifa and the left show up (from around the country) to counter the meeting in an effort to not protest but disrupt and provoke to get a riot.
-Police stand and watch.
-In the ensuing mayhem, man kills protestor.
-Media sensationalizes and manipulates public opinion against supremacists.
-Now the spill over of doxxing people begins. It has already claimed an innocent victim.

All these tactics, by the way, is clearly described in The Gulag Archipelago. I fear the left more than idiot racists. Left-wing ideology is a beautiful martini on the surface, but it's a poisonous virus deep below. So people with scant a mind for principles and perspective are easily pulled to it and only realize when it's too late. One of the valuable lessons in Solzhenitsyn's writings is to describe in detail how slow this process really is.

At the moment, it's communism by other means. Antifa doesn't give a shit about principles and liberty. Their movement is not predicated on the philosophy of advancing liberty in the context of classical Western value. Far from it in fact. Indeed, they are hostile to it. 

Their entire outlook sits on a bedrock of illiberalism. If they were to ever achieve power they'd behave exactly like the Taliban, Jacobins or Bolsheviks (removing Confederate symbols in the middle of the night is not an act of progress; it's an assault on history and is no different than the Taliban blowing up Buddha statues) slowly purging wrong think.

I'd be lined up against the wall.

This is true.

Under normal circumstances sober and sane minds conclude there are no winners and point out all who contributed to this unnecessary mess. I say unnecessary because the supremacists numbered 200.

All this for....200 people.

Ah. But it's the principle!

No, it's not about the principle or the morality. Standing for principles are the ones where you accept under all circumstances the right to free speech, expression and assembly.

Had Antifa gone (they were armed) and just stated their protestation peacefully all would have ended.

Alas, this is not Antifa (or BLM) tactics. As noted on their various communications, they want a race war. They understand that by taking control of the narrative they win.

And by all accounts they are winning. Just look at campuses across the country, look at the critical theory jargon poisoning board rooms, observe talk of forgiving debt at the highest levels of society.

Antifa has power and influence.

They just proved violence and shutting down freedom WORKS. They were right that they'd manage to pull to their side the 'average' person.

When there's a group of bad ass people meeting in a corner of a park meet and you go and challenge them.

What do you think is going to happen? And when the dusk settles, what do you think people will conclude? You contributed to the problem.

I see no difference here and concur with Trump.

It's always worth noting:

-Up until now, we have mountains of reports where Antifa/BLM have committed multiple acts of violence and property damage. So much so it makes supremacists look pathetically inept.

-When Obama invited BLM to the White House after murdering five cops, how did this escape outrage? A more singular act demonstrating where Obama's personal feelings lie you couldn't find. Indeed, if you cull all of Obama's racially divisive comments, you get quite an ugly fresco.

Yet, Obama is somehow seen as a racial healer?

Trump must stand his ground.

It's like holding a baby losing their mind for not getting their toy. Eventually they'll calm down.


View Points On Charlottesville

An event needlessly overblown and mismanaged by local authorities.

No winners all around.

First here at The Federalist.

The Daily Caller looks at the left's role.

Doxxing by the left gone wrong.


As a bonus, first Kafka. Well, CAIR. Close enough:

"Requesting the Removal of All Confederate Memorials, Flags, Street Names, and Symbols from Public Spaces and Property"

The balls on these people.

Speaking of racist shitheads with balls. Check this out by one April Harter titled,

How America Spreads the Disease that is Racism by not Confronting Racist Family Members and Friends

Sure, start with...April and her illiberal ilk.

It comes with a chart!

Love the one where if you bring up Chicago violence, it makes you racist. Now, a logical and sane mind will point to statistics and facts, right? But statistics are racist didn't you hear?


Know who else liked racial charts?


The left's unhealthy love affair with communism, socialism and Marxism is something to abhor and guard against.

Canada: The Running Joke Continues

This time on trade.

"Canada's idea seems very different from what mostAmericans think of when they hear "free trade" or "free markets." As Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland explained yesterday, the country wants to "modernize" the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to include "progressive elements."

/face palm.

Trump. Please save us from ourselves.

I don't think I can handle two more years of Chrystia and Justin.

Something tells me Canada is not leveraging itself very well.

A Response To Wal-Mart CEO Doug McMillon And Other Business Executives: Virtue Signalling Is Not Virtuous

"..As we watched the events and the response from President Trump over the weekend, we too felt that he missed a critical opportunity to help bring our country together by unequivocally rejecting the appalling actions of white supremacists. His remarks today were a step in the right direction and we need that clarity and consistency in the future."

Heaven knows there's no shortage of 'leaders' looking to capitalize on this. Just like other CEO's handing in their resignations to Trump. 

If I'm Trump, I take their letters and say, 'Buh-bye. Don't let the turn hit you on the way out.'

Now that I have this out of the way. What Doug wrote is horseshit.

Here's why.

He didn't miss anything. Leave aside the recent phenomena of demanding a President respond to local affairs is absurd for a second. I choose to go back to Obama's tenure whenever an overblown event took place.

I seem to recall Obama repeatedly choosing to play politics rather than 'bring our country together'. At its most critical moments, he chose divisive rhetoric instead of inclusive speech. Did you, Doug give a shit when Obama invited BLM to The White House days after one of their own murdered five police officers? A more sickening display of tone deaf arrogance I've never seen. Trump is a piker next to Obama when it comes to such classless displays.

Meanwhile, the President has repeatedly brought up the real elephant in the room with the violence in Chicago and other urban centres burning under decades of Democrat rule. 

And what did he get for that? SILENCE. Silence from you and others. I didn't see 'business leaders' from Starbucks, Facebook, Intel, Under Armour (gee, he fell into line quickly), applaud the President challenge Chicago to once and for all put an end to the sickening display of violence.

Nah. Much easier to sit on your ass and virtue signal about a disjointed rag-time band of white supremacist no one pays any attention to. Or to simply dismiss bringing this statistical reality as 'racist'. 

Of course you didn't care. Virtue signalling against a black President would have been horrible optics for you and your company often on the wrong side of the popularity scale among the left.

And what of the left and their well-organized mobilization tactics that serve to provoke as well as their absurd rhetoric and violent behaviour reminiscent to the 'organs' so darkly described in Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago? Have you not been paying attention to their attacks on free speech on campuses? Did you not notice their illiberal beliefs actually become policy that directly contradict our Western classical liberal values?

Why do they get a continuous pass? Why?

When that piece of shit left-wing professor smacked a bystander with a bike lock nearly killing him, did you take to pen?

Yet, you pile on a group of people who could only dream to have such power. 

No, Doug. The danger right now is the growing power of the left. And guess who the left hate, Doug?


And corporations. In case you haven't noticed.

We'll be the first lined-up and shot. I can't believe we have to keep saying this despite the wealth of evidence the death and destruction left-wing ideologies has left in its degenerate wake. 

Which makes your comment all the more baffling and absurd and without genuine merit.

Trump chose to be more measured. But it's better to be emotional and say bull shit, right?

And let's not pretend the media and Antifa didn't have their part to play in this event. A sane person would have concluded if people stayed home this would have blown over and no one would have remembered the gathering of a group of people who had every right to assemble regardless of their views.

Once again, the way I see it, you and your ilk side against liberty. 

Chill,and spare us the faux self-righteous jargon-gibberish and do your job by keeping prices low.

Time To United The Forces Of Reason

Old war liberal or classical liberal, classical conservative, libertarian.

Time for all of you to step out and push back against the progressive left.

If you cherish liberty and reason, we must find common ground amongst us.

I've had enough of their bull shit.

Charlie Gard: Where The Bureaucracy Murders Humanity

I still think the people involved in preventing the Gard family do what they wanted to be evil. Full stop.


If you happen to be one of them. Look in the mirror.


I'll let you decide what you should do with yourself and your sad existence.

Under no moral circumstance should the state EVER prevail over life; humanity.


Anyone who attempts to even justify it, is evil too.

Compassion my ass.

I Can't Keep Up With The Derp

Let's play spot the logical fallacy!

Jack Mirkinson demands at Splinter:

"After Charlottesville, Pick a Side"

The only way to make logical sense of this demand is to mangle the story so as to fit the narrative.

The bottom line is assholes got a permit to assemble as is their right. Antifa proceeded to provoke them and a riot ensued.

The question he should be asking who is in the wrong? From where I sit, Antifa continuously shows up where they don't belong and mayhem ensues.

All for 'righteous intentions.'

In their minds.

In any event, faux-moral outrage makes you look like an ass.

The logical error here is it gives the impression there are no other options; of which there are. It's called a false dilemma.

It's not a black or white situation no matter how much people try to cherry pick the stats and narratives.

I'm betting Jack considered the BLM douchebag who killed five cops was a lone wolf; same for the Berniebot who shot up the GOP baseball game whereas the idiot who ploughed people with a vehicle was not. Or, to go back to a classic, when Bush said, 'you're with us or the terrorists'.

Point being there is no side to pick here because neither are in the right and neither holds the higher moral ground. If you choose to ignore this request, this is not a wrong choice.

So take this bull shit and go suck a lemon.


Speaking of logical fallacies, I just came across this gem from Business Insider.

"I’m sure there are all sorts of technical details that could be used to explain just how the men’s game differs from the women’s, and they vary from sport to sport. The one answer that doesn’t hold up is that men’s sports are somehow inherently more interesting to watch than women’s. They are certainly not 40 times more interesting to watch. 
Exhibit 1, the third goal of Carli Lloyd's offensive explosion in the final game, which she scored from midfield: 
Video of goal that doesn't support her claim.
Most of us have been socialized to accept men’s sports as dominant, and somehow automatically more interesting. The problem is that once society has internalized this falsehoodand let’s face it, it’s a falsehood that’s millennia in the making — it’s not so easy to correct it. Women have been fighting for decades, centuries, to be seen as equals to men both on the playing field and off of it.
Ah yes. That's the problem! Let's go and *correct* it! I shoulda had that V-8! 
The interesting word here is, erm, "interesting". She seems to be arguing that because society 'internalized this falsehood' we don't find women's sports 'interesting'. Or it could mean, you know, it isn't as interesting? 
Once you let your rational bearings take over you realize this is a vapid take.  
The old 'sports fans are stupid and will watch anything if we just show them' logic.
Correct what exactly?  Is she advocating for some bull shit social engineering? Like 'minimum requirements' in terms of how much broadcasters show women's sports? Does she actually believe this will solve the 'problem'? Well, she did say it took millennia for us to be mis-wired into thinking women's sports are inferior to men's sports. So, I guess we have to start somewhere, right?
Women have been fighting for centuries on and off the playing field? Did she miss the part where U-15 males beat women national programs in soccer? They're not seen as equals because they aren't.
It's simple. It's not misogynistic but straight forward reality and biology. Deny this and you're the one being anti-reality; anti-science.
Play sports are the level of men then we'll talk. 
It won't happen so spare us this rubbish. 
Just enjoy what each brings to the table and knock it off with the Marxist identity politics demanding we make equal something that isn't and never will be equal.
That's why it's all a 'social construct' with them. Makes it easier for them to say ridiculous things like 'internalized falsehoods' and take leaps of logic selling narratives.
Speaking of smug progressive logical fails:
Or, you know, 'the deplorables' out there just think climate change doomsday predictions are a bit of a crock, are aware of all the manipulated data, and where Gore (an engineer-politician) is concerned, a scam? Nah. Better to overweight the impact of neo-Nazis, and a 'crazy' President. I mean, people are just soooo stoopid. From where I sit, he's lucky he even got $2 million worth of suckers.
In 10 years I wonder how much we'll 'rave' about Al. Maybe we'll still be talking about him like Tipper? 
Remember her crusade in the 1980s?
Speaking of log....nah, this is just...whatever:

As the president was walking out, I responded that he has spread plenty of fake news himself.


Who Are More Dangerous?

Charlottesville's albatross.

Once again - surprise! - the media’s behavior over this issue has been disgraceful. Truth my ass.

As I understand it, Antifa shows up and viciously attacks people while the police inexplicably stand down and do nothing - as they have throughout the country when it comes to these faux-righteous activists. 

Is it really shocking then that in Charlottesville, some lunatic from the group they attacked runs over people during the inevitable riot that followed. 

Yet somehow the problem is the 200 or so white supremacy movement. 200! People lost their lives over a group that will have had ZERO impact on American society!

They would have been better off protesting from their couches and Tweeting about it and it would have been more productive.

How in the world can the protestors not be held culpable in part?

Also. Something tells me the lone-wolf theory won't apply here. When a left-wing nutcase goes off on a killing or violent spree, it's isolated. When it happens with supremacists (who I consider left-wing because they're collectivist) suddenly it's the whole group tagged.

Until these people speaking out about useless things like Trump's reaction actually DENOUNCE violence from BLM and Antifa they can all kiss my ass. Lest we forget, the healer of the racial divide - in all his inglorious mediocrity - Obama invited BLM leaders to the White House after one of their own shot dead five Dallas police officers.

How's that for optics on the justice and decency front?

A disgraceful move by a man of low character.

Letting aside BLM, Antifa and white nationalist groups are cut from the same side of the collectivist, victim-hood identity politics cloth, there is a difference between the two in terms of who can negatively impact liberty more.

This blog considers the former to be far more problematic and I think facts and evidence sides with me on this note. If you haven't been aware, or just joining the party, just peruse this blog, FIRE, Campus Reform, Liveleaks, and certain Youtube news channels (and this includes the famous 'bake a cake for gays' ambulance chasers who score a buck off this cottage industry) that cover the outrageous behaviour from the left that hasn't just been rhetorically violent but in action as well.

That they move to shut down ANYONE that disagrees with them IS the very definition of fascism. They are who they hate.

Contrast this to neo-Nazis who have far less membership and power. If you can present to me a consistent stream of examples of how they threaten freedom of speech, expression and assembly.

In the latest example, they were given lawful permission to assemble.

They were hijacked and provoked.

From where I sit - and indeed the way we were taught - you don't go and provoke such things.

They did and found trouble to the point of loss of life.

I lay the blame not in the people, who despite their despicable views, who have every right to assemble but the people who went there looking for trouble.

Yet, companies like GoDaddy decide to lock-out the former?

I see no honour in this. Yes, they're in their right to do this (I guess people who agree with this on the left then have no problem with Christian bakers not baking a cake for gays, right?) but don't look me in the eye and claim virtue.

Hey GoDaddy

Now that you've jump on this faux outrage bull shit by dumping neo-Nazis from your hosting, you're gonna do the same for Antifa, correct?

After all, I've seen dirty and violent rhetoric come from them.


Had they not gone to protest the racists we don't have violence. Didn't anyone teach these people not go and provoke others?

If GoDaddy, now that they've gone down this road, don't apply this with any consistency, they'll be full of shit in no time.

Like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.

Friends of liberty. Look around you.



Kathleen Rice's Tyrannical Threat

I'm just going to say it. & are quickly becoming domestic security threats under President Trump. We can't ignore that.

No, Kathleen.
The people can't ignore YOU.
What a troubling tweet.
Let's recap: An organization and person who are free to associate and have broken no laws are the enemy? Gee, given these irrational standards, would she classify Antifa as a 'domestic security threat' given it HAS committed acts of violence against people and property?
Good response here:

Replying to  
Based on your alleged DUI issues, you behind the wheel is exponentially more dangerous than millions of law-abiding citizens with guns.🍸🚙🍸

Shut the fuck up Kathleen. You're infinitely more dangerous to free citizens.